OMG you guys, have you seen Hillary Clinton’s hair lately? She’s doing the bob thing again, like how she did back when this pic was taken from the ol’ Bosnian War days. She’s 62 years old, and she’s wearing her hair long! Do you understand just how freeing this is for America’s women?

Here, kiddies. Masturbate to this Friday Liberal Pornography while we look for some “real news” to make fun of. [YouTube]

Here’s one line of an e-mail from Wonkette tipster “Little R. Hen,” so secretive: “the first dude has a john edwards problem times ten zillion.” You heard it here first: Todd Plain gets four-thousand-zillion dollar haircuts. THERE ISN’T EVEN THAT MUCH MONEY ON EARTH, and yet.

ROBERT NOVAK  6:14 pm May 11, 2007

The Funk of 40,000 Years

by Ken Layne

DEMOCRATS  10:40 am February 23, 2007

Obama’s Haircut Defense

by Alex Pareene