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No, Bill, we haven't forgotten.

DNC Night Two: How Many Hours Will Bill Clinton Talk Tonight? Here Is Your Livebloog!

Night Two of the DNC started with the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton as U.S. America's first female major party nominee

Renowned Sociologist John Rocker Has Genius Plan To Solve Violence In Chicago (Moar Gunz, Less Blacks)

John Rocker, a famous racist person whose steroid use 15 years ago propelled him temporarily into Major League Baseball, has opinions and stuff. Like many dense white people who lost their only job to more talented foreign individuals, Rocker...

Idiot Defeated Congressman Joe Walsh: Why Does Michelle Obama Hate Black Kids Who Die By Guns?

Chicago is a mess of kids murdering each other with guns. Hundreds of children, each and every year, and it does not get the attention it should because the murders are of black kids by black kids. We are...