Another day, another story about some gun nuts that just won’t be happy if they can’t bring a semi-automatic weapon to the corner store when they pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. Having been turned away by ginormous chains like Starbucks, Chipotle, Sonic, and Chili’s, Texas’s […]

Meet Joseph Houseman, 63, of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mr. Houseman (no relation to the guy from The Paper Chase) is a big advocate of exercising his Second Amendment rights in public, in his pyjamas, and also of exercising his First Amendment right to yell at cops, inform them a revolution is coming, and to let them […]

We are still trying to dig out from the giant pile of comments in our queue; we got a whole new infusion of them with the shootings in Las Vegas this weekend. Gun fondlers were not pleased, and in particular, they were not pleased that we were insufficiently reverential toward Joseph Robert Wilcox, the concealed-carrying […]

It’s been a little while since we last checked in on Adam Kokesh, the Second Amendment Gandhi who planned, then cancelled, a Big Open Carry March last July 4th in Washington DC. The idea back then was to end tyranny — there’s always tyranny, and it just never manages to end — by getting a […]

We couldn’t possibly hope to fit all of our Precious Memories of Eric Cantor into a single column, so let’s just hit some highlights of a departing weaselface. (You might be surprised at the number of hits you get on a search for “Eric Cantor weasel.” Then again, you might not.) The only problem with […]

We speculate a lot around here about what, exactly, makes some people feel that they should be allowed to carry a loaded gun whenever and wherever they please. “Small penis” is a popular one. “Living in a fantasy world” is another. We’ll add “incredibly self-centered” and “insecure for reasons other than a small penis.” But according to […]

We had been staying away from the awful story about the two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls who stabbed a schoolmate of the same age, supposedly under the influence of online horror stories about a fictional character named Slender Man (or Slenderman — both are used), because yecch. The good news is that the victim survived and […]

Well, we’ve got the cute animals up, so you know something horrible has happened: A gunman and one student are dead in a shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon — about 15 miles east of Portland — on the next-to-last day of the school year. Details still coming out, but brace yourself for […]

As promised, here’s part 2 of our Big Dear Shitferbrains Clearance Sale, in which we’ll clean out some of the sludge that has been fermenting in our comments queue. For this one, we’ll scoop out some messages from assorted Gun Fondling Angerbears; next time, we’ll get to the Bergdullards who love the Troops so much […]

Looks like another Sovereign Citizen was trying to start a one-man revolution against the corrupt institutions of government (or, of course, it’s yet another false-flag scheme to take our Guns and Freedom). The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a gentleman named Dennis Marx (so obviously another of the right’s “violent liberal Marxists”), who “identified himself as […]

According to Wayne LaPierre, this isn’t supposed to even be possible, but yesterday’s mass shooting in progress was stopped by a good guy with no gun: A Seattle Pacific University (SPU) student tackled a gunman who was reloading his shotgun after killing one student and wounding two others inside a campus hall Thursday afternoon. [...] […]

Jon Stewart summed up our national reality Thursday: “Let’s begin with guns, because this is America, and everything begins — and sometimes ends — with guns.” And so we are treated to a brief review of the recent pas de derp between Open Carry Texas and the NRA. The NRA foolishly suggested something reasonable — […]

Yesterday we brought you the story of the NRA’s suggestion that Open Carry Texas might want to tone it down a bit. The merry bands of gun fondlers who have done so much to endear themselves to Texas fast-food customers, the NRA said, may actually be harming the cause of Guns Everywhere by scaring the […]

A strangely be-bearded Stephen Colbert introduced us to a great American hero in this ‘Difference Makers” segment on Monday’s Colbert Report: meet Doug Varrieur of Big Pine Key, Florida, a gentleman who loves his Second Amendment rights so much that he exercises them all the time, shooting at a 12-square-foot target. In his yard. Right […]

Come gather ’round ye olde interweb appliance, Wonkers, and share the joy of today’s Comment O’ the Day, chosen carefully from all the comments we happened to look at! In this morning’s post on the geniuses of Open Carry Texas getting a bit of a scolding from the NRA, we found this gem from Treasured […]