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  nothing a few thousand guns can't fix

Genius Gun Guy Wishes Django Unchained Were Real

Welcome to Wonkette. Whether you’re just joining us or are a long-time fan, you’re probably noticing that we have to cover gun violence and general gun stupidity ALL THE TIME NOW. So that’s fun. Actually, that is not fun. It is skull-crushingly depressing. We explained this to our Editrix and she agreed, noting that it is for precisely that reason that yr Wonkette (sans Editrix) must write these pieces instead of her. So, with heavy heart and dragging feet, we bring you today’s bit of gun stupidity, which is really pretty breathtaking: When confronted with the fact that Gun Appreciation Day coincides with the celebration of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr, who was assassinated with a gun, Ward insisted that his event “honors the legacy of Dr. King.” Ward didn’t stop there; he argued that if African slaves had been armed, they would have been able to prevent slavery from ever happening: Read more on Genius Gun Guy Wishes Django Unchained Were Real…