We may be getting a little jaded. We’re starting to wonder if this sort of thing is even news anymore: Some Responsible Gun Owner left his personal Second Amendment Solution behind on top of a toilet-paper dispenser in a Walmart men’s room in York, South Carolina, where it was found by another shopper on Sunday. […]

Holly Fisher is a big fan of Hobby Lobby, America, and Right Living, and she can’t for the life of her understand why anyone would find anything wrong with this photo she tweeted on the 4th of July, because as she explained to Fox News, it’s just a picture of her expressing her First and […]

Were you guys hoping that you could kickstart Hump Day with a beefysmack dude gunsplaining at you about how the Constitution works? SPOILER ALERT: It works because GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNNNNNSSSSSSSS. Let’s meet the improbably named Dom Raso, who hit upon what he clearly thought was a really cunning way to explain how important […]

It’s a special 5th of July Derp Roundup, bringing you all the Red White and Blue idiocy we could scrape off our browser tabs. Please consume responsibly, and we hope that your pets are finally recovering from the barrage. Your Inderpendence Day lede: Ted Nugent’s WND column for July 3 explained that he ‚Äúcelebrates Independence […]

Let’s see what’s burbled up to the top of the ol’ comments queue lately. Helpful tip: You may want to put a little Vick’s under each nostril like in the autopsy scene in Silence of the Lambs. Ready? We’re going in.

Yet another private business has decided it hates the 2nd Amendment and wants to be boycotted, just because some nervous-Nellie “moms” pressured the company to no longer allow open carry of firearms in their stores. Target Stores interim CEO John Mulligan announced today that while it will continue to comply with local laws, “starting today […]

The National Rifle Association and its useful flunkies have identified the major issue driving the problem of gun violence in America. Is it too many guns floating around? Is it a culture that tries to scare the crap out of you by telling you that President Obama/liberals/jackbooted BLM agents/black people are coming to take away […]

There aren’t many times we wish we worked in an ad agency, mainly because of things like “taking meetings” and “having to wear pants” and “clients,” but we’d likely have donned pants and attended meetings if it meant we got to make this beautiful “lock up your guns” PSA that features small children mock sword-fighting […]

It must be hard to be the NRA. You’ve got to up your evil quotient every single day. Like, they probably have to lift weights just to bulk up for that much evildoing. Short of kicking puppies or eating babies (both of which the NRA is probably not above if the puppies or the babies […]

We knew there would be some maximum sadmad from the super-right about Chris McDaniel’s loss in the Mississippi Senate primary to Thad Cochran on Tuesday, a loss only made possible by meddling black people, and we really should have held a contest to see who would be the derpiest. Haha of course we didn’t need […]

In what may be the perfect ouroboros of crime, a pair of irony-minded robbers held up patrons of two Philadelphia gun ranges as they left the businesses, then stole their guns. The bandits stole eleven weapons in all, and in the part that isn’t funny, shot and critically wounded a 67-year-old man, who will be […]

While some people are getting their knickers in a twist about guns and trying to limit the number of guns in circulation, the good people of Missouri are taking a more direct approach, getting guns into the hands of classroom teachers where they belong. The Kansas City Star had a big Sunday profile on one […]

We’re kinda old, so we weren’t being forced to go to church when all these cool Bro Down With The Lord type churches were ascendant. Man, we are pissed. Now Jesus is all manly and muscular and shit, and he totally would love to go hunting and fishing with us, and he’d share our deep […]

So here’s a story that’s just beginning to get some traction: Over the weekend, a California Highway Patrolman and a BLM officer were shot – nonfatally, thank goodness — near a campground in Nevada County, California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Details are still coming out, but authorities have identified the shooter, who was also […]

Another day, another story about some gun nuts that just won’t be happy if they can’t bring a semi-automatic weapon to the corner store when they pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. Having been turned away by ginormous chains like Starbucks, Chipotle, Sonic, and Chili’s, Texas’s […]