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Though the gun humpers are hell-bent on humping their guns everywhere, they’ve recently suffered some setbacks with places like Target and Chipotle taking away their god-given Second Amendment freedoms by not letting them roll into the store on a tank or whatever. But all is not lost! The Blaze has found some completely random restaurant […]

Another day, another story about some gun nuts that just won’t be happy if they can’t bring a semi-automatic weapon to the corner store when they pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. Having been turned away by ginormous chains like Starbucks, Chipotle, Sonic, and Chili’s, Texas’s […]

Remember when history’s greatest and most pervasive monsters, the New Black Panther Party, showed up with a whopping two dudes or so in Philly in 2008 and stood around intimidating little old white ladies by holding doors open for them and everyone over at The Daily Blaze Glenn Caller Beck Show whined all the whines […]

We are having one hell of a time keeping up with this internecine gun group warfare. It all started Monday, when the grandaddy of all gun-humpers, the NRA, asked some of the open carry folks to please chill because toting machine guns to TGIFriday’s was making the sheeple nervous. The open carry folks, of course, […]

The campaign within the campaign has begun to take over the actual campaign on this week’s episode of “Veep.” We open on Selina’s motorcade descending on the blighted urban Thunderdome that is Detroit, and there’s a some kind of economic summit going on. Selina’s limo creeps past protesters straight out of central casting, and she […]

So let’s say you are a person who abuses your spouse, but only in the teeniest tiniest way. And let’s say you plead guilty, just to put that whole mess behind you. That shouldn’t stop you from your God-given right to amass a veritable armory of guns at the house, should it? HELL TO THE […]

Last month, lots of people worked through their continuing grief over Sandy Hook in their own ways. There were moments of silence and flags flown at half-mast. Some people, like Gregory Beck, a member of the Brookfield school board, which is about 15 minutes from Newtown, decided that the best way for him to remember […]

Oh hai! Welcome to this edition of Our Cold Dead Hands, Wonkette’s weekly look at the state of the gun debate in America, where evil liberals bent on controlling every aspect of your lives continue their efforts to disarm the brave patriots who are the only line of defense between you and the FEMA death […]

Poor Sarah Palin. She got fired from Fox (probably, why not) and doesn’t even have a reality show anymore. Since nobody in her family seems to have a job, ever, who is going to keep her in Taco Bell? And now the “Gun Nuts” columnists at Field & Stream are examining a three-year-old video from […]

In the ritualized aftermath of a high-profile shooting, there are certain things that absolutely must happen. Obviously, it is very important to explain how the victim’s poor choices led to the tragedy, so that We At Home can feel marginally safer and reassured, because we would never make those bad choices. And, of course, there’s […]

Missouri state Rep. Wanda Brown has had it up to here with the suspicion, the bigotry, the gol-dang prejudice against a certain class of Murkins who know from the pain of intolerance and hatred, and Rep. Wanda Brown did not just sit there! She did something about it! Which poor beleaguered folk have felt the […]

What had we gone, a whole week or so without a news story about a public official cracking jokes online about murdering Barack Obama? That’s kind of a long time! Don’t “worry,” however, Mexico still does not want Arizona back, so we will never go too long without one of these kinds of things while […]

Have you somehow forgotten about Arizona these past few days? Let’s remember it all over again, for the holidays! Nothing says “mythology of the peaceful savior Jesus” like an Arizona gun club hosting a Guns ‘n Santa family foto event. “I thinks it’s going to be all in fun from those who support the second […]

Stinky corporate gym sock puppet Scott Walker has a crafty new rule for Wisconsin state Capitol visitors: the guys on his team, Republican gun nuts who want to be able to carry their guns wherever they go, will now be allowed to bring concealed weapons into the building. The people on the other team, the […]

Arizona’s paranoid racist teabagger trolls will usually only crawl out of their fallout shelters on the rumor of a good illegal alien desert hunt, but a cool murder weapon giveaway always comes in a close second. The Pima County GOP knows this about their insane constituents, so they are selling raffle tickets to win a Glock […]