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In which Glenn Beck revokes John Lewis's Civil Rights Leader Card and bestows it upon himself and his audience.

Paul Ryan responded like a dick. Surprise!

Also he hates you, he hates you, he hates you, and you are not his real dad.

What, you wanted background checks and stuff like that? Are you some kind of Communist?

Maybe if bars didn't have to serve all that devil booze, nobody would get murdered at them!

The transcripts will be redacted to avoid the part where the shooter claimed to be a big ol' ISIS-loving terror jerk.

The grifter from Wasilla really should delete her Facebook page.

Jo Cox, a member of Parliament, has been murdered. Americans who love their guns are excited by the chance to point out that British gun control laws can't stop every murder, so obviously laws are worthless.

Gretchen Carlson calls for banning assault weapons, right there on Fox. Good for you, Gretchen Carlson. See you being sensible in another five years!

It's almost like those aren't magic words or something!

Hillary Clinton has renewed her call for a federal ban on military-style weapons, and now we all get to argue forever over what an 'assault rifle' is and why everyone needs one, for freedom.

Will Obama stop at NOTHING to pry every gun out of every cold, clammy, dead head in America?

Because the only thing that can stop a bad toddler with a gun, is a good toddler with a gun.

The beautiful island state of Hawaii may be the first state to put gun owners in a FEDERAL DATABASE...just like common car drivers.

Ted Nugent makes case against gun control with doctored video of Hillary Clinton being assassinated.

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