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Did Saudi Prince Torture A Guy On Jared Kushner’s Info? This Is Not ‘Good’

Did we not JUST FINISH a story about the weirdo Saudi Arabian/Emirati angle of the Robert Mueller investigation? We did! Here is another one!

How Is Facebook Breaking America For Trump And Russia Today?


How Is The Daily Beast Being A Raging Dumpster Fire Today?

The Daily Beast thought it would be cool to publish a story that basically outed a bunch of gay Olympic athletes in Rio, some of them from 'notoriously homophobic' countries. For real, they did that.

FBI Just Not Ready To Tell America How Gay Orlando Shooter Was

Is the FBI missing something? Is everybody else missing something?

Was This Man Orlando Mass Shooter Omar Mateen’s Gay Latino Lover? Maybe!

There's a lot of 'allegedly' in this story, but boy oh boy, if this is true.

Orlando Killer’s Dad Wishes Pulse Nightclub Wouldn’t Have Been So Cheap About Hiring Security

As gently as possible, may we suggest that it's probably time for him to STFU?

Orlando Shooter’s Wife Maybe Knew All His Murderous Plans, So That’s Just Great

And Disney World? They were scoping out Disney World? What is even going on here?

Sounds Like Orlando Gay Club Shooter Was Raging Closet Case. Bet You Didn’t See That Coming!

All of a sudden it's starting to make more sense.

Let’s Meet Obama’s Sexxxy Silver Fox SCOTUS Nominee, Merrick Garland!

Hooray, the president of America, Barack the Great, has made a nominee to replace Dead Antonin Scalia's rotting flesh 'n' bones on the Supreme Court! Don't you want to know everything about him? No? Well SUCKS TO BE YOU...
We see what we did there.

North Carolina Republicans So Sad Dead Scalia Can’t Help Them Do Racism No More

Uh oh, North Carolina Republicans are so upset right now! Mean federal judges did reverse racism to the GOP-controlled legislature, with a recent ruling that the state's 1st and 12th congressional districts were racistly gerrymandered to hell, and thus must be redrawn. Gerrymandered...
These ladies apparently.

Mean Tinder App Won’t Let Everybody #FeelTheBern, In Their Pants

OH GOLLY GEE HIP HOORAY, we think we found a story about the Democratic primary that will NOT make anybody weep and wail and gnash their teeths and beat their breasteses and helicopter their peeners in anger all over...
100% match!

Praise Jesus, There’s Finally A Christian Mingle OKCupid Grindr For Straight White People!

You know that thing, when you are on Grindr and you just want to find a nice straight heterosexual white gentleman to marry and put babies inside, but instead somebody messages you like "sup?" and it's this guy? That's the...
Gotta have two monitors. One to call sports plays on the radio and one to talk to YOUR SEX BOYFRIENDS.

Gay-Hatin’ Indiana Republican Caught Trolling For Online Dick, What A Shock

You know the old saying: "Scratch a homophobe, but please don't knock the dick out of his mouth, he's not finished yet." (We think that's the saying?) Anyway, meet your new gross Republican gay-sexing scumbag, what doesn't support gay rights,...
Karen Miller, Blount County commissioner

Tennessee County Begs God Not To Sodomize It

Blount County in Tennessee is just outside of Knoxville, and its Board of Commissioners is VERY WORRIED about all the impending doom God is going to bring upon it, for America's sin of hot male-on-male butt love, and also...
Values Voters arriving.

It’s The Values Voter Summit! Has Grindr Crashed Yet?

Hooray, the Values Voter Summit started Friday morning in Washington ... and you're late! Haha, just kidding, it's never too late to go to a sausage party full of sad, closeted dicks. We woulda been ALL OVER THIS SHIT...
Who would Jesus punch first?

Unladylike Republican Staffers Bar-Fighting Like Common Palins

When young male Republican campaign staffers get together, a few things are always present. 1. Lots of boys who came from Republican homes who were raised with the smug certainty that they are SO MUCH SMARTER AND MANLIER than those...