We have News of the Grifter for your weekend contemplation: Sarah Palin is going to start an all-new digital teevee channel with the working name “Rogue TV,” according to an anonymous source who is familiar with the project. Also, if you want to buy her old not-a-campaign bus from the “One Nation” tour that she […]

You guys, we’re pretty terrible political bloggers. No, it’s true! People tell us this all the time. Sure, those people are often bloviating jackholes who don’t have the brains that evolution gave a gopher, but still it wounds us. When it’s 3 A.M. and we’re wide awake and the demons come, we cry out into […]

Wonket BFF Bradleeeeeeee Dean, best known in this here corner of the Interwebs for a laughably dumb threat to sue us back in The Day, is reportedly without his cult of unpaid Hare Krishnas begging outside gas stations (and getting thrown out of the van when they didn’t pony up for gas themselves), as they […]

UPDATE: We are almost certain the entire “Legal Defense Fund” website is a hoax to make Mr. M. Joseph Sheppard look bad, which is a shame. Mr. M. Joseph Sheppard will look how he will look without help from any “clever” Internet folk. We apologize for having been very stupid. SHAME ON US. SHAME. SHAAAAAAME. […]

Stacie Marie Laughton, recently elected to the New Hampshire statehouse after years of grifting (not “allegedly”) and campaigning for every office in the Live Free or Die state, got found out about her felonry and said she would resign her office. But now she has exercised her woman’s prerogative and changed her mind again, and […]

This is a screen capture from the exciting beggar’s epistle that arrived in our inbox today from Michele Bachmann! See it there at the bottom, that last sentence? Right, so here’s our question: does this mean Michele Bachmann would actually, personally write “Thank you, Jism! Love, Michele” in one of her vulgar vampire fiction books […]