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Trump Lawyer Grifted Unemployed Folks So He Could Buy A Jet For Jesus

Now we know what Donald trump sees in him.
Yo, whut up, fo shizzle,uhh... you betcha!

Sarah Palin Spits Hot Verse At New York Times, Misses, Also Is Broke, Broke, Broke.

Sarah Palin thinks the New York Times is broke. The Talmud says we see the world not as it is, but as we are.

Kellyanne Conway Will Run Twitter Lynch Mob, For Donald Trump, America, And So Much $$$!

Conway will fulfill her dreams, by directing an online Twitter trolling horde, for Donald Trump!

Junior Grifter Vaping Congressdude Duncan Hunter May Be Crooked Enough For A Trump Post!

Rep. Duncan Hunter had to pay back $60,000 worth of petty grifting from his campaign funds. He's being eyed for Trump's NSA.
Quick, say something about a rigged system again.

Donald Trump Paying Out The Nose To Donald Trump, Now He’s Got Other People’s Money

Donald Trump jacked up the rent his campaign pays him as soon as the donations started rolling in. Who says he's not a business genius?
No, really, somebody walk me through killing this fucking account...

Want To Unsubscribe From Automated Donations To Trump Campaign? Too Freakin’ Bad!

Donald Trump's campaign website makes cancelling a recurring subscription about as hard as getting a refund for Trump University classes. That's OK, though, since you want to give your money to Wonkette, right?

Sarah Palin Will SUE Black Rapper Lady For Being Mean To Her On Twitter

Dammit, Sarah Palin. Wonkette defended you. We said that in the great 2016 Twitterspace War between the Republican former governor of Alaska and rapper Azealia Banks that FORSOOTH, IT IS NOT COOL BRO to get on Twitter and say Sarah Palin...
And a former thug. Grr.

Ben Carson Suspends Campaign, Will Return To Private Sector Grifting

At CPAC Friday, Dr. Ben Carson formally announced that he's suspending his campaign. After he dropped out of Thursday's presidential debate last week, we knew this day was coming, but it's still sad to say goodbye to one of...
Our Basic Instinct is to run screaming from this person

Idiot Nevada Lawmaker Michele Fiore’s Grifty Home Healthcare Business Goes Tits Up

Pity poor wingnut Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, whose (alleged) Medicaid-frauding home healthcare business was forced to shut down because of stupid invasive Big Government oppression of a free-market entrepreneur. Or, if you want to get all technical about it, the Nevada Bureau...

Looks Like Mike Huckabee And The Duggars Are Still Totally Gay For Each Other

Is Mike Huckabee sharing his award-winning Hucka-diddles with the Duggar family again? (He never stopped.) Are Jim Bob, Michelle and the child-fruits of their incessant barebacking, including their handsy firstborn, no longer completely toxic to a presidential run? Or...
Sarah's "O" Face

What The Hell Does Sarah Palin Want Now?

Does Sarah want to be vice president when Donald Trump becomes "president," because he already said he wants to tap her, in a government way? Does she want to Maverick her way into the You Betcha spot at the last...
The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

The Long And Fartknocking Road: A Sarah Palin Channel Retrospectacular

This is the final installment of The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, presented by Fartknocker, a series made possible by a generous grant from Fartknocker. Relive all your favorite Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report moments at the Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report...
These ladies were never part of the GOP base.

Thank You For Being A Friend

Comrades! Do you remember yesterday, and today, when your Wonkette was broked? The husband yelled and scared the baby. Kaili shook and trembled and PANICKED! like an undrugged sheltie on the Fourth of July. Dok and Evan took a...

Wonkette Es Broked, Please Send Money

Are you reading your Wonkette right now, getting all the important Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and Dana Perino's husband arrested news? PROBABLY NOT! Our computer machine thingy is probably down RIGHT NOW!!! Funny story! Actually it isn't, it...
Last tango in Washington!

Congress-Model Aaron Schock Comes Out … Of Congress

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Aaron Schock, our beloved globetrotting Republican congressdarling from Illinois, the one what's had all the ethics violations doggie-styling him for the last couple of months, is resigning his seat to spend more time posting hawt pictures...