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Dad Of Decade Don Haidl Dies

Sometimes people die and it is very, very sad. Sometimes people die, and they are Don Haidl. Haidl was assistant sheriff in Orange County, California, when his son and several of said son’s buddies videotaped themselves gang-raping passed-out 16-year-old acquaintance Jane Doe on a pool table, with a snapple bottle, a pool cue, and a lit cigarette. Assistant Sheriff Haidl then used some portion of his hundreds of millions of dollars (from government contracts, of course) to finance a defense that would accuse Jane Doe of raping the boys. Read more on Dad Of Decade Don Haidl Dies…
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Don’t Worry: This Story Ends With Everybody In Prison

Ten years later, the woman who was once 16-year-old Jane Doe — videotaped while she was gang-raped, unconscious, on a pool table, by an Orange County, California, assistant sheriff’s son and his buddies — tells her name and shows her face. Read more on Don’t Worry: This Story Ends With Everybody In Prison…