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Loser Trump Losing Culture War To The Big Men Who Play With Balls

Hey you guys, Donald Trump is bitching about athletes on Twitter again, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Donald Trump Is Going To Ruin Your Weekend. Your Sunday Night Debate Preview!

Everything you never wanted to know about Sunday's presidential debate!

Hillary LOLs At Benghazi Republicans, Sarah Palin Talks To God. Your Weekly Top Ten

Oh hello, Wonkers, how are YOUR family jewels hanging right now? You are probably thinking "Uh, Wonket, BUY A CALENDAR, MORAN," because the Top Ten post is supposed to be on Sundays, RIGHT? What is Wonket, some kind of...
Easy on the eyes, just saying.

Sexxxy Green Bay Packers Quarterback Tells Refugee Haters To Eat Astroturf

The past few days have been sad and disheartening. We began the weekend mourning with our friends in Paris in the aftermath of terrorist attacks meant to, well, terrorize. And then many of our own American citizens, including Republican...

Look Who Suddenly Supports Labor Now That Scabs Are Messing With Football (Hint: It Is Scott Walker)

Oh LOOK who is suddenly on the side of organized labor, now that a bunch of scab refs are messing with his precious football? (Hint: it is Scott Walker, the union-busting asshole of a governor from Wisconsin.) For those of...