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All You Need Is A Bunch Of Hippie Obama Endorsements



Gossip Roundup: Tony Snow Rocks?

  • Reliable Source: Man in bathrobe “bludgeoned” the stereo of the Snap tea house in Georgetown. . . Barbara Bush spotted on date with someone with “preppy-poufy dark hair,” who paid. [MOAR WORDS!

Gossip Roundup: ‘Insurgents’ on the Homeland

  • Heard on the Hill: The Executive Committee of Periodical Correspondents has no love for cameras. . . Anti-immigration group delivers bricks to lawmakers. . . Two Grateful Dead band-members appear for Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) tonight. [MOAR WORDS!

Gossip Roundup: Euan, We Never Knew Ya

  • Reliable Source: The Bushes gave Kenny Chesney special cowboy boots to commemorate his East Room performance. . . Alberto Gonzales says it’s “unclear” whether his parents entered the country illegally. . . Rep. ...

Grateful Dead Escape Death Tax


Why do people insist on thinking it’s somehow surprising that conservatives like the Grateful Dead? That their love of the shaggy, indulgent jam band contradicts a love of low taxes, mandatory sentencing, and amendments against flag-burning? Hey, Al Franken and Ann Coulter have ...