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Tag: grammar

To the editors: I liked the old library better.

Deleted Comments: Feminism Is Unnecessary, You Stupid Vaginas

Our critics are not pleased by all the fake news we post here, like saying Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump. Shame on us.
Actual wall will be built even more bigly

Linguists: Trump Is Saying ‘Big League,’ Not ‘Bigly,’ Still Stupid Either Way

Fine, so he's saying 'big league' and not 'bigly.' But he's stills using it weird.
Yes America is that dumb

Yr Wonket Beated Up A Idiot Today And It Was Great, Also Too

You mad, bro? You must be mad because you are like GAHHHHH and ARGHHHHHH and angry comments (which we do not allow) and angry tweets (which we mute) and angry MyFacePlace words (which we ignore) and OMG we even made the spitting rage...
He seems nice

Oklahoma Lawmaker Definitely Not Racist Against Muslim Islamics, Because Dictionary

Oklahoma state Rep. John Bennett is just an ordinary America-loving guy who resents being called a "racist" or an "Islamophobe" just because he tells the absolute undiluted truth about Islam, which is that it isn't really a religion, but...

Obama Biographer Accused of ‘Fraud’ for Editing Obama’s ‘Appalling’ Grammar Skills

The truth has come out: Barack Obama is not a genius. We're sorry, we know you have always thought this to be true. But a very serious man and inadvertent Obama scholar by the name of Jack Cashill has...

Wall Street Journal Has Proper Priorities For Hungry Americans

The Wall Street Journal is shaking its cane regarding Congress's unseemly refusal to reform food stamps. Why are Democrats uniting to stop hero Senator Jeff Sessions' teeny-tiny $20 billion snip to the program? After all, going on the dole...

Wasted Newt Gingrich Sees Polar Bears On Shore Of ‘Lakke Michogan’

What is it with this man and polar bears? He just sees them wherever he goes. Is it because they're the embodiment of the American Dream, which is to be as large and white as possible? Any way, it...

A Children’s Treasury of Facebook Comments About ‘the Mosk’

Multiple tipsters have sent us this fun Internet adventure: type "mosk" into Openbook, which shows you status updates of people who are too dumb to put any privacy setting on their Facebook account. EVIL LIBRULS have caught on to...

SERIOUS JOURNALISM FUNDED BY THE BRITISH TAXPAYER: David Cameron has made a coalition offer to the Liberal Democrats, a major event in this gripping election story, so naturally the BBC has on its front page right now this shockingly...