Some patriot got wind that an empty Army Reserve warehouse in Westminster, Maryland, might be used to temporarily house children from the Texas border, and so they did their best to save America. From children. Because obviously, Barack Obama is flooding the country with unaccompanied children so they can all vote Democratic. This is just […]

So here’s the latest twist in the saga of Craig Cobb, the Nazi Übermensch who’s trying to turn Leith, North Dakota, into an Aryan paradise: Turns out that Cobb had a very good reason to go out patrolling the town while brandishing a gun, because the poor man’s home was the target of a vicious act […]

Who says there’s no justice? You might recall the case of Jeff Olson, yes? He’s the San Diego guy who wrote unkind things about Bank Of America, in chalk, on a sidewalk in front of Bank of America, and then, after an executive from Bank of America pressured a city attorney who took campaign contributions […]

Detroit’s decrepit Packard Plant is famous for many things. Auto workers used to make Packards there, hence the name. They stopped doing that in 1958. Then it became this stupid metaphorical abstraction used by parachute journalists to describe all of Detroit’s suffering and problems. Banksy once (allegedly) painted a mural there and it really made […]

Verily, Iowa State ruffians, you may think your vulgar chalk drawings on the pavements of Iowa State entreating and commanding your fellow knowledge seekers in the life of the mind to vote for one Barack Obama are a call to action for ‘civic duty,’ but ur totes bumming out your college newspaper editorial board, man! […]

The Jewish Protection League just put out a communiqué announcing that the swastika is no longer a Jew-specific symbol of hate, so everybody can just chill the hell out about the swastikas everywhere, because the chances are good that the swastika in question is not even about you, if you are Jewish. But it might […]

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Forked Tongues

by Ken Layne

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