gotcha journalism

Rick Santorum put the pout back on his smegma-caked lips when Sad Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough insisted on reminding him he was a dirty liar. First, temptressy succubus Mika Zbrzeziznzkszy was all, “Hey, so is everybody on your team telling you to zip it with this birth control nonsense yet, because I and all […]

According to most people, journalism has seen better days, and as an industry/art form/whatever you want to call it, is really just sending reluctant, furloughed editors to set up subscription booths at the nearest Walgreen’s and hoping for the best. But there are still young people in this country who want to see journalism survive […]

Back before Joe the Plumber fell into an Internet spidy-hole and was still actually getting interviewed (granted, only by things called “Christianity Today”), America’s sweetheart let slip with some—how to put this delicately—fucking nuts comments about the “queers” and how he would never let them near his children. Ha, so heartland, right? Well, Joe recently […]

Openly gay CNN reporter Don Lemon was the first reporter we know of to finally ask Rick Santorum a very obvious question: does he have any gay friends? Santorum replied, “Yes, in fact I was with a gay friend of mine two days ago.” And then everyone on earth immediately pointed out that “with” is […]

Cut this guy a break, Barney Frank. He’s never showered near any other human. It’s icky. [Media Matters via everyone]

What McCain did with Biden’s comments about coal is not “gotcha journalism” because it did not occur inside a pizza place that is really a cheesesteak shop that does not sell pizza. [CNN Political Ticker] Tom Brokaw cited some fake pro-McCain poll results on dead Tim Russert’s teevee show. [Crooks and Liars] Barack Obama would […]