Conservatives are constantly telling us we are not allowed to wish people “Happy Holidays,” even if we don’t know their religion, and even if we are talking to freedom-loving Israeli settlers, because everyone everywhere should celebrate Jesus’ birfday. But apparently the Republican Party hates the baby messiah and his righteous Black Friday Taiwanese Blu-Ray players, […]

GOP.COM ANGRY! [ via VF Daily]

Does the RNC think this is funny, endorsing the enemy’s language during America’s War on Israel? []

Every single thing on the RNC’s newish web site is eventually removed, in shame, 12-24 hours after it is introduced, so it is sad but unsurprising that—that’s’s fashionable “conservative URL” handle—has been incinerated, kind of.

Hey look, firesale on conservative Internet cachet, courtesy of #1 URL! That is correct, sirs, now that troublesome “long URL” will be troublesome no more. Seriously: “”? What is this, Perl? Come, play along with your Editor!

Have you all pored through today’s RNCRESEARCHBRIEFING? Eh, it’s pretty good; we’ll give it a 7 on the ol’ RNCRESEARCHBRIEFING Scale. So: Michael Steele invented a video game, according to the RNCRESEARCHBRIEFING: “‘The Senate version of is our latest effort to hold these Democrats accountable for their actions.’ – RNC Chairman Michael Steele.” Great, […]

See, there’s TwitPic Proof that he was, at one point, answering one question on a Facebook thread. He has yet to respond to either of your editors. Try your luck! [Facebook]

Looks like the RNC is still trying to give this “Internet” thing a go: “With an ever-increasing number of Czar appointments by President Obama, it has become clear that no position is too absurd. In an effort to assist in adding another cumbersome bureaucratic layer to government and to help properly ensure the basic human […]

There is no question that the responsible thing to do is for to resign itself to mutually assured destruction by way of asking for “humanitarian intervention.” (Thanks to Agent “Jason R.” for photo reconnaissance.)

CH-CH-CH-CHANGES  9:32 am October 14, 2009

Yo What Up “What Up”?

by Juli Weiner

Two seconds ago this blog was called “What Up?” He is running out of Wire allusions and “the Corner” is already taken! GOP Webmaster, please add Michael Steele’s new “Change the Game” blog to “Accomplishments.” []

THAN WE HAD A CANDY THEN HAD BIG POTTY  6:37 pm October 13, 2009

by Jim Newell

BEST LINE SO FAR, FROM ‘ACCOMPLISHMENTS’ SECTION: “Operation Iraqi Freedom ousted the dictator from power and liberated more then 23 million people.” []

Michael Steele you have got to stop it with the funny today, we can’t take much more. NO NO DON’T GO ON TV! Oh no he’s going to say something too hilarious! Uh oh: “It’s a new platform for us. It’s not even really a web site.” No! A website is *exactly* what it is! […]

TOO SAD  3:53 pm October 13, 2009

by Jim Newell

WHO’S MAKING FUN OF WHAT NOW? “The RNC’s big relaunch of its website has not gone so well today. In the last hour or so, the site has been crashing periodically. The Obama campaign’s former online guru, Joe Rospars, tells TPMDC: ‘You know your web program is in trouble when your site can’t even handle […]

Yes. YES. Look at him shake it. He’s like, “What up? I’m here, and it’s time to party, baby.” Again: a hilarious dancing hobbit version of Michael Steele appears when you load the new Everyone is loving this. Think Progress is having a very Think Progress-y field day, with its dreaded flat tone of […]

The best aspect of the newly redesigned Republican Party website — aside from that amazing “What up?” thing — is the ability to refresh and refresh and refresh the homepage, for hours, to see all of the “GOP Faces” in circulation in the upper left corner, between the “G” and the “P,” where, what, a […]