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We hope you don't have to pee, because you'll do it in your pants from laughing so hard!

Dubya talked some smack about Donald Trump at a fundraiser, without even saying Trump's name. Does this mean he is #ImWithHer? MAYBE.

Trump reportedly asked a foreign policy expert THREE TIMES IN ONE HOUR why he's not allowed to nuke everything. THREE TIMES.

Somebody is still upset about losing the VP slot to that sexy vixen Mike Pence.

Obama says Trump is 'woefully unprepared' for the presidency, and encourages Republicans like John McCain to grow some balls, please.

Trump got stuck in an elevator and rescued by firefighters, and then insulted the fire marshal for not letting too many people in the building for his rally.

See what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting totally delusional.

Morning, Wonkers! The following stories may or may not grace the pixels of your Wonkette today! Trump and Pence couldn't even make it through...

Maybe white Republicans will listen to THIS guy.

It's no big deal because sane Americans aren't going to let Trump anywhere near the presidency. OR ARE THEY?

What did we learn from the GOP's incessant badgering of James Comey? Lots! But not what the GOP wanted us to learn.

In this constitutional scenario, the new president would be either Ivanka Trump or dead Ronald Reagan's corpse farts.

Did you know the House Democrats' gun control sit-in was very rude and against the rules? Let's punish them!

Guys, we don't think Sarah Palin is real happy with the FBI's decision not to recommend indictment for Hillary.

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