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Perhaps when you first saw the terrible evidence piling up against Oscar Pistorius in the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, you were saddened by the emotional abuse. Or maybe it was because she seemed wonderful: strong and nice and feministy and awesome. Of course, if you’re Nancy Grace, the important thing was Pistorius liked […]

Man, have we mentioned what a fanfuckingtastic year it was to be gay in ‘Merica? It was! It still is! Hell, we even gayed up Utah. And now we’ve managed to force another high-profile celebrity to enlist on the front lines of the war on marriage. Step on up, Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts! Roberts […]

Set the recorders on your infernal machines, America! Egg Romney is trying to seduce you! On Oct. 10, which is next Wednesday, she will show us all the charm and grace she has heretofore mislaid somehow (it was terribly careless of her, we’re sure) and we will all finally realize that a Lady such as […]

So, Katie Couric is hosting Good Morning America (zzzzzz) and NBC got all hilarious and tapped former halfterm governor and eighth-wit reptiloid Sarah Palin for some clever/stupid counterprogramming. It’s the Thrilla in Wasilla! (A gig cohosting Today is what passes for INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT NEWS in the New York Media Elite Corridor ever since Manhattan kicked […]

Hey you guys, Christine O’Donnell is still willing to set fire to some media oxygen! Good Morning America had her and failed CNN newsman D.L. Hughley on today, because what America loves is listening to two people who know little about current events telling us their PERSPECTIVE. So here is what Christine thinks about Hillary […]

You know, OCCASIONALLY your Wednesday-Friday morning editor feels kind of bad about piling onto a particular politician, no matter how odious/loopy his or her views. I mean, they’ve gotten pretty far in life, so probably they’re smarter than the out-of-context quotes in the “gotcha media” would imply, right? Plus, isn’t it just laziness on our […]

Former Clintonite insider George Stephanopoulos will replace former Nixonite insider Diane Sawyer on ABC’s important hard-hitting American morning newsmagazine Good Morning America. Stephanopoulos is notorious for the most groundbreaking journalistic coup of the 21st century: “twitterviewing” John McCain and getting him to admit that “if the president does it, that means that it is not […]

A NEW ERA IN TV YOU DON'T WATCH  11:50 am September 2, 2009

by Juli Weiner

WORLD NEWS ANCHOR CHARLIE GIBSON IS QUITTING. Someone at ABC will now go to the Good Morning America studio, find Diane Sawyer, and shuffle her down the hall to replace him. Sawyer can probably just stay seated in whatever chair she uses over there during this exciting transition process, provided it’s one of those rolly […]

Michelle Obama did The View yesterday, so today sasspants Cindy McCain visited Good Morning America. We were too busy sleeping or something to actually watch this wee interview, but here is a recording of it! After the jump, an exclusive Wonkette Record-O-Blog, which is like a liveblog, except recorded.

BILL CLINTON  3:37 pm February 4, 2008


by Jim Newell