There are two important underdog stories in sportsball right now, and you should be cheering for these guys before they leave us forever. They come to us from the world of bouncy hoops and golf, and if these stories don’t warm the cockles of your heart, then perhaps you’re an awful person.

Golfing-man Phil Mickelson has appeared in these pages before, not for his achievements in the sport of golf-balling, but rather for his excellence in the sport of being a mouthy, whiny Ayn Randian cock-nozzle about the terrible, terrible burden of subsisting on the measly $25 or $30 million a year he earns after taxes because […]

Oh, those high-living Obamas are up to their early-viewing tyranny again. In 2012 Michelle stoled all the Downton Abbeys, and now Barack Obama has muscled the CEO of HBO into giving him advance copies of the new season of Game of Thrones and the last three episodes of True Detective. Oh it is so very […]

A Verona, Wisconsin, golf course has apologized for its well-thought-out 9/11 commemoration, an ad that offered to remember the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon with a golf discount: “9 holes with cart for only $9.11 per person or 18 holes with cart for only 19.11. 9/11/13 Only!” TOO […]

Time for another trip to the ol’ comment queue! Today, we begin with a reader who has had just about enough of Yr. Wonkette’s socialist notion that a million dollars after taxes is adequate compensation for a week’s work of hitting a ball with a stick. Our unfair attack on Phil Mickelson drew this comment […]

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Let us begin our long, long week of snark and <headdesking> by crying a big ol’ bucket of crocodile tears for golfing sports-man Phil Mickelson, a person who has made a fortune hitting a little white ball, then walking after it, and then […]

Conservatives have a hard time deciding what to find more shocking: the suspension of White House tours because of the sequester, or the insanely outrageous cost of having an Executive Mansion in the first place, especially if the hired help puts their unworthy feet up on the furniture. Today’s review looks at an e-book that […]

Yesterday we learned that Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert was all yeehawin’, pew pew pew, about how if Barack Obama was gonna shut off the White House Tours as part of that bad ol’ sequester — something, unlike actual aid to olds and poors and whatnot, that people might actually notice — then he was gonna […]

Howdy pardner! Don’t know if you done heard, but we got us a see-quester goin’ on, and that means we ain’t got no cashish for thangs like White House Tours. So Pres’dent Bama, he said, well we will stop this here tour from happenin’ until the see-quester is lifted, because a some reason, who knows. […]

Credit where it is due, dudes: Your Wonket is now handing over the keys to the world’s only political humor website to one Miss Michelle Malkin, as she is officially now the most hilarious political pundit in the known universe and the rest of us all quit, bowing down to the greatness in the sexy […]

Perhaps you were on the Internet lately while the White House Correspondents Association worked itself into a frenzied moan of TRANZPARENCEEEEEEEEY about the truly important issue of the day: that dastardly Nobumer wouldn’t let them take pictures of his golf round with Tiger Woods. Perhaps this made you as tired as it did us, and […]

World’s greatest living Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who absolutely could not have known anyone would ever use an airplane as a missile, and who could not have known Saddam was not seeking yellowcake in Niger, and who could never have been blamed for Manolo-shopping while a city drowned, has now taken her reign of […]

You know how, whenever the Powerball payout gets really big, someone wanders around your office collecting for a lottery pool? And you know how there is always one guy who takes that moment to explain that winning the lottery isn’t so great because taxes? By the time lottery winners take the smaller lump-sum payment and […]

Ahh, so now we know why lying war monster Condolleezza Rice was going around giving wingnut speeches about socialism and such-like. It wasn’t about getting on the presidential ticket — who even wants that? — it was about becoming the first female member of August National golf club, a goal that she attained today. She, […]

DC’s favorite Korean cult newspaper The Washington Times is celebrating President Obama’s 100th round of golf as president by putting this in fascinating mathematical context: “The next time President Obama hits the links, it will be his 100th round of golf since coming to the White House. That’s quite a milestone in just 3 1/2 […]