god hates fags

Wait, you are saying, how could the world’s most out-and-proud bigot, who purposely inflicted emotional pain on the innocent, be in HEAVEN? Wonket, this must be that “satire” or “snark” of which we’ve heard so much? Sorry dudes, but according to our junior high nuns, if you act according to your sincere beliefs, you are […]

So today Buzzfeed is all “Blah blah blah these girls left the Westboro Baptist Church and are sort of vaguely sorry they hurt people’s feelings when they screamed God hates fags a million times per second and also Muslins and Amerikkka.” But did Buzzfeed miss its own scoop? Yes. (Well, also it missed this guy’s […]

Everybody go hug a biker today! Not only did they show up in Newtown to physically block the view of Newtown mourners from the God Hates Fags funeral parade, but they also apparently blocked the sight of “left-wing” protesters … “left-wing protesters” like God Hates Fags! Wait, what? Take it away, Internet’s Second Stupidest Man, […]

You’d think a guy in Rush Limbaugh’s currently rather unenviable position would take all the help he can get — but apparently he is turning down sweet sweet ad $$$ just because it comes from the patriots of the God Hates Fags Brigade. Westboro spokesman Steve Drain told Raw Story that while his organization has […]

In case you haven’t been to a website recently, famous Australian actor Heath Ledger died Tuesday. Sucks to be him. As you may remember, Ledger played a homosexual, mute cowboy in the film Brokeback Mountain, which was groundbreaking because it depicted gay sex for the first time in world history. It seems that this *fictional* […]