global warming

Politico, which is a publication we all still have to pretend isn’t just a retrograde mouthpiece for dickheads, gave human death’s head mask Dick Cheney, his bride of satan, Lynne, and his chip-off-the-old-demon Liz (the gay offspring wisely declined to attend) a lunchtime platform to spew some nonsense and hate about oh, so many things […]

Have you read yr Wonkette’s treasure trove of Dana Rohrabacher posts? Now is an excellent time to refresh your memory regarding Orange County’s — nay, California’s — greatest Congresscritter. Rohrabacher is a veritable Renaissance Man of dumb. He’s a climate change denier, a Benghazi truther, a True and Loyal Friend to the Taliban, and, perhaps […]

Everyone knows how prophetic the popular “The Star Track” television show was: Nowadays you got your “communicators” — cell phones — and your “PADDs” — tablet computers — and your “Ferengis” — the Koch Brothers. In yet another instance of Star Trek getting The Future absolutely right, it turns out that whales may actually save […]

This nice lady is Sarah Palin wannabe and Louisiana state Rep. Lenar Whitney, who would like to bring her special brand of smarts to the U.S. Congress. She has an exciting video in which she explains that Global Warming is not real, because Al Gore, who made the whole thing up himself, is a big […]

You know what would be a nice change from the usual high school commencement speech? A speech that really lets the graduates know the challenges they’ll face in the adult world, that motivates them to be the change they wish to see, that demonstrates that they can make a difference. For instance, at last Wednesday’s […]

We are down to the last two episodes of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, already. You can pretty much bet that this week’s episode, The World Set Free, is going to be the one that gets talked about the most, and probably shown in more classrooms than any other, because after making passing mentions of it […]

The following story is a work of speculative fiction. Any resemblance to real Pat Sajaks, living or dead, is strictly coincidental. Only a month had transpired since Pat Sajak sat down at his computer and wrote of his disregard for global warming, but already his countenance had started changing. He used to be affable in […]

#167001916 / You know how climate change is just a big scam by liberal scientists to shake loose grant money and to force Americans to submit to socialist Big Government schemes to make everyone buy an electric car? Turns out that insurance companies, those bastions of crunchy-granola radical Marxism, are also trying to get […]

Human-shaped fecal matter Marco Rubio has been taking some heat the last couple of days over his weekend comments regarding climate change and how it’ll take a lot more than 99% of climate scientists saying it is happening to convince him that it is actually happening, and even if it is happening, we don’t know […]

Stephen Colbert has The Word on the White House’s recently released climate report, an assessment that has him “so terrified that it left a carbon footprint in my pants.” Climate change is real, it’s here now, and it’s bad (“I have always believed that I have always said that”). So what’s to be done about […]

Maybe the Republican National Committee should consider sending all its party’s presidential candidates on a round-the-world cruise for the next two years so they can’t spend that time saying stupid shit on television and turning off the American public. Take Marco Rubio. Over the weekend he senator from the great insane state of Florida gave […]

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight just keep nudging us ever closer to actually getting HBO. Take, for instance, this segment on climate change, which really should provide the template for all further news coverage of people who deny the evidence. When the U.S. Global Change Research Program released a report last week stating that […]

Nice try, but no cigar, lovers of science in the Pelican State. For the fourth time since the Doublespeaky “Louisiana Science Education Act” (LSEA) was passed in 2008, an attempt to repeal the law has been shot down, by a 3-1 vote in the Senate Education Committee. This means that teachers in the Great State […]

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead has signed a budget that includes a rejection of a new set of national science standards, because the new standards treat human-caused global warming as a real thing — and the standards were dropped via a footnote in the budget. Since the footnote doesn’t provide much guidance, the state’s science educators […]

Charles Krauthammer is actually really good at his job, if you define “his job” as “to disguise establishment-serving nonsense and lies as pithy nuggets of wisdom.” Check it out: “The debate is settled,” asserted propagandist-in-chief Barack Obama in his latest State of the Union address. “Climate change is a fact.” Really? There is nothing more […]