glenn grothman

Hey, remember how Scott Walker declared Wisconsin wide open for business, told public employee unions to STFU, and the state dropped to new lows in job creation? Now some bright minds in the state lege have a can’t-miss proposal to bring prosperity roaring right back: a bill that would allow workers to “volunteer” to work […]

Do you yearn for a time when the day after Christmas was all about throwing your useless wrapping paper into the man-made canal behind your house, instead of marking the beginning of the white, leftist holiday of Kwanzaa with a ceremonial dangling of the American flag inches above a lit Kinara? Wisconsin State Senator Glenn […]

It is International Women’s Day! Oh women, do they really need another whole day about themselves when there is already Valentine’s Day? No matter, GOP Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman, the legislator who recently brought us a bill to declare single parents a pack of child abusers, would like to contribute something on this occasion, […]

Reducing rates of child abuse and neglect is a topic everyone can agree is important. Now, says Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman, let us consult the Ouija board to figure out which entire category of people make up the secret witches behind this evil and make a law telling everyone to hurl poop and screams […]