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  Libel Libel!

Smug Jerkface Stacey Campfield Might Go To Libel Jail After All

Buh bye now. Buh bye.
Oh, golly, outgoing Wonkette Legislative Shitmuffin of 2013 Stacey Campfield. You are not having a good past couple months, are you? First you lost your primary election by a whopping THIRTY-NINE POINTS — seriously, what incumbent Tennessee Republican loses a primary? — and now, having to face a future where you can no longer introduce petty legislation to harass gay kids or cut food assistance for poors if their kids don’t do well in school, you’re going to have to get by in the Private Sector, where… aw, who are we kidding? You’re in Tennessee. You’ll be fine, you asshole. But at least you may have to actually have to face some consequences for just cold lying about a political opponent. We are so pleased with this development that we’ll even drop this annoying second-person pretense. Read more on Smug Jerkface Stacey Campfield Might Go To Libel Jail After All…
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Tennessee House Fights 20-Year-Old UN ‘Sustainability’ Plan, Because ‘Forced Abortion’

The Republican swath of the Tennessee House appears to have gotten an email chain letter from far-right crazy uncle the John Birch Society (desperate times), and the Tennessee House has heeded its call! Seems the New World Order managed to pass a truly insidious United Nations plan called Agenda 21 (it just sounds communist, wouldn’t you say?), and the Tennessee House aims to stop it! The point of Agenda 21, according to the U.N., is to support sustainable development: to “alleviate poverty and curb global warming,” as the Tennessean puts it. Tennessee House GOP translation: THESE TREE-HUGGIN BABY-HATIN COMMIE FOCKERS! Read more on Tennessee House Fights 20-Year-Old UN ‘Sustainability’ Plan, Because ‘Forced Abortion’…