Liebruls, we’ve lost the love and affection of Erik Estrada, except for the part where we probably didn’t really have it in the first place. Yes, Estrada — he of the pearly whites, the sparse-but-still-manly-you-guys chest hair, and the tall cop motorcycle boots favored by boot fetishists everywhere — is deploying his thespian talents to […]

Well this is a fine how do you do! The cast of Glee, which turns teenagers gay, will be performing at some innig inaugural balls alongside such nobodies as Brad Paisley and Alicia Keys, even though they stole their Baby Got Back arrangement from this guy, who stole it fair and square from Dynamite Hack! […]

The mentally ill are such ideal teevee guests, aren’t they? Oh, good thing she brought that book along to show in case we wanted to buy one. Hadn’t heard of it. WAIT A SECOND, WHAT’S THAT ON HER PALM? Does that say “NH”? As in New Hampshire? Oh God, this woman is running for president. […]

Sure, Sarah Palin would love to take this opportunity to feel victimized and relevant! Thanks for asking! (What a half-been.)