One of the “friends” on the dearly departed “Lou Sarah” Facebook account, Kermit Ketchum, is mentioned multiple times in former Palin advisor Frank Bailey’s leaked book. Who is Kermit Ketchum? According to Bailey, he’s an elderly man and longtime friend of the family. Bailey’s manuscript describes Ketchum as the one who saw a (presumably doctored) […]

So we were just catching up with the Primary Night news at the Politico (we know, we know), and there’s this big picture of Christine O’Donnell at the top of the page with the headline “Ex-aide: Christine O’Donnell a ‘complete fraud,’” which is funny enough, but then we suddenly realized we’d never seen the perennial […]

Since news is not happening at all in our country this morning, let’s turn our attention to the East and its Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. We trade with them! And what do we trade? Sexy schoolmarm glasses: “Kazuo Kawasaki, the Japanese designer for Sarah Palin’s glasses, is grateful to the Republican vice presidential […]