By now you have all seen this gif of this tumblr, of Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at John Boehner like she is a 14-year-old girl. It has been online like at least 15 minutes! But we have a pressing question: What doubtless off-color and probably disgusting joke did Ol’ Ginblossom tell to make our […]

AIYEEEEEE! WE ARE SO SCARED! ROMNEYSPAWN, RUN AWAY! On the flipside, our other gif of the year, which is happy-happy and will soothe your terrors away.

Hey ladies and bros, have you met Josh Romney? Would you like to see some more of him?

Last night’s Massachusetts Senate Debate clusterfuck, “moderated” by David Gregory, almost broke Your Editrix as she melted into a #sloppysloppy puddle of outrage and vapors. But here, via Buzzfeed, is Elizabeth Warren laughing her ass off at Scott Brown’s answer to the question “Who is your model Supreme Court justice?” Brown delayed answering for about […]

Known anus Sean Hannity has a new feature on his Fox News television program, Hannity & Death, in which he peels off a piece of a big puzzle every day for Obama’s first 100 days in office. Behind the puzzle is a picture which will — according to the web producer of Hannity’s “The Great […]

Oh thank you Andrew for this fantastic new image, which is every bit as awesome as the scary death’s head rictus that has graced Wonkette’s pages so many times over the past four or five months. Thank you thank you thank you.