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You Don’t Gotta Tell Joe Arpaio About (Debunked) Literary Agent’s ‘Kenya’ Brochure, He’s Got This

Ghost Andrew Breitbart must be spinning in hell. He told these idiots that the “birther” stuff was “not a winning issue,” and what did these fuckwads at his ghost web empire do? They ran a total birther story with a long embarrassed introduction explaining that they weren’t birthers per se — um, let’s see — it’s about how Obama has portrayed himself differently at different times of his life. Almost as if, when he was a college student, he did not portray himself as president of the United States, and vice versa. It is very fishy how he has done that indeed! But uh oh! Within hours of posting their best VETTENING yet, a PDF of a Bammerz’s publishing company brochure SAYING HE WAS BORN IN KENYA, it turned out that some lady who was an assistant at the literary agency at the time (’91) said it was all her fault, sloppy fact-checking oopsie! An editorial assistant doing sloppy fact-checking? THE FUCK YOU SAY. As a Breitbart follow-up notes, though, Bamz’s erstwhile literary agent requests that you email her a biography you wrote about yourself, as would also obviously have been the case in 1991 as well, when nobody had email. How’d you get to this supposed “assistant,” Nobama? Which of your SEIU thugz did you send over threatening MURDER? Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was recently sued by the Feds for being too awesome, would like to know! WND (because who else?) has the scoop! Read more on You Don’t Gotta Tell Joe Arpaio About (Debunked) Literary Agent’s ‘Kenya’ Brochure, He’s Got This…
  yup still dead

Be Very Afraid: The Only Witness To Death Of Breitbart Has ‘Vanished’

Well, that seals it. Barack Obama’s body count is now almost as high as the murderous Clinton Crime Family’s! Whom is he capping? (That is gang talk, because Barack Obama is a Chicago thug.) Anybody and everybody who might have led to the Ghost of Breitbart releasing something way awesomer about Bill Ayers than the sad dud “Vettening” he posthumously laid. WingNutDaily, having first brought us the news of the mysterious death by maybe-poisoning of a coroner’s tech who may or may not have worked on the case of Dead Breitbart (he didn’t), now has another link in this case of murder most foul, and it really ties the whole room together. What’s the latest SCOOP? They couldn’t find the “sole witness” to his death, because he might have moved. That is a mysterious “vanishing” indeed! Read more on Be Very Afraid: The Only Witness To Death Of Breitbart Has ‘Vanished’…

Obama Hugs Black Guy

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com This is essentially the top TV clip of the last five years. You’re gonna wanna bookmark it so that one day years down the road, you might tell your fat post-apocalyptic alien grandkids about how the Ghost of Breitbart era of terror began. It allllll started right here, with this powerful segment on Fox News’ popular bacterium Hannity, exposing Barack Obama’s worst (or second-worst?) secret : One time in 1991, when Obama was serving as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, he spoke affably of the first black tenured Harvard Law professor, Derrick Bell, while he was peacefully protesting the lack of diversity on Harvard’s faculty. And then Obama hugged him. He might as well have given Sauron a reach-around. Read more on Obama Hugs Black Guy…