Here is an image of the much-anticipated explosion on the Potomac River today that was filmed for some new teevee pilot. It was still confusing to D.C. residents even though they had been alerted beforehand, because why the fuck is a rowboat being blown up? Should be a real winner of a show, although Obama […]

Ching Ching Cha is a delightful little restaurant that provides several things rarely found in tandem in Georgetown: cheap food, healthy food, and peace and quiet.  Oh yes, and it also has loose leaf tea by the elephant ton.

Georgetown — home of the cocktail-party-lovin’ metro-hatin’ DC elite — is not the easiest neighborhood in which to relax. But Pizzeria Paradiso, winner of a gajillion best-of-DC awards, is a refuge.

A full two thirds of the most recent Georgetown University Public Safety Reports have involved an unknown male entering someone’s home and hovering in or around the resident’s bed until being “asked” to leave.

Oh boy howdy here’s a winner of a party from our special friends at Late Night Shots, the exclusive invite-only social networking club for glib Georgetown trust-funders whose hearts belong to the Confederacy. The members were recently inspired by the playful cultural activities of the slaves on their plantations, and they’ve decided to throw an […]

A fancy Georgetown University student has S.O.S.ed about a new plague in the school’s rich fat cat neighborhood, far beyond the reach of the Metro: “A message from officials at Georgetown now confirms that the campus is just riddled with sickness. We’re all infected with norovirus, a flu thing that is caused by ‘fecal contamination’ […]

Well. Here’s a trailer for some sort of secret potential series about rich, preppy, well-connected young people in Washington. Aside from the YouTube title — “DC PREP Trailer for Secret Television Series Coming Soon!” — the Internet is not telling us much more.

LATE NIGHT SHOTS  12:49 pm June 13, 2008

by Jim Newell

YOUR LATE NIGHT SHOTS PARTY WEEKEND SCHED, BRO: Pro-laxin’, bro. “LNS will once again be taking its chartered bus out to Bayhawks Stadium for this Saturday’s pro lacrosse matchup. The day starts at Rugby at 4, the luxury party bus leaves 5:45, faceoff is at 7, and all LNS ticket holders get free beer for […]

GEORGETOWN  5:00 pm March 18, 2008

by Sara K. Smith

CRIME  6:40 pm September 28, 2007

by Alex Pareene