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Google Glass is the super-obnoxious new wearable technology that privacy advocates claim will turn America into the kind of dystopian panopticon envisioned by George Orwell, or Judas Priest, take your pick. Google Glass is ugly, it is dumb, and now, thank sky-god, there’s a way for normies like us to fight back. Berlin artist Julian […]

My son, Kid Zoom, turned 17 yesterday. I’d had no idea what to get him for his birthday, so last weekend I asked him what he’d like. His answer kind of blew me away, because what 17-year-old would ever say, “How about you give me a stack of books that you think it’s absolutely essential […]

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for someone on the internet to be fretting that English Is Doomed, and so is America, because of [Insert paranoid delusion du jour]. And so let us spend a moment with poor Merrill Hope at Dead Breitbart’s Internet Institute for the Very, VERY Nervous, who has discovered that […]

Sarah Palin has been doin’ some book learnin’ and appears to have finally made it all the way through George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which was probably pretty hard for her, let’s be honest. She’s so excited about her ever-growing love for Orwell and her ever-growing certainty that Bamz is making 1984 happen all over your […]

How’s this for a match made in heaven? No, not a ghey-marriage match, silly, those are lies from the pit of hell. We mean the combination of insane third-rate intertubes preacher Gordon “Chaps” Klingenschmitt, who sees demons everywhere — especially in gay animals — and his new BFF, Colorado state Sen. Kent Lambert, who went […]

Victoria Jackson went on Bill O’Reilly’s teevee show Wednesday and pulled off her signature alchemy again — making whoever she’s talking to seem lucid and reasonable by comparison. (OK, it doesn’t always work.) In this latest visit to the mind of Victoria Jackson, we learn that she remembers reading Orwell in high school and that […]

Following last week’s revelations reminders of the government’s extensive collection and monitoring of Americans’ electronic data, sales of George Orwell’s 1984 are up sharply, according to a piece in the Washington Examiner. Once this factoid hit the interwebs, the story went Full Ouroboros — when the story broke Monday at noon EDT, 1984 was ranked […]

Last May, we brought you the news that the schoolchildren of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, were the luckiest schoolchildren in the whole wide world, because their school psychologist, Mark A. Traina, was tweeting awesome stuff about how black children should be “put down like dogs,” and also that he is not a racist. Well apparently the […]

It’s Art Depreciation Day for Homeschoolers, as we learn from our 10th-Grade textbook, World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective. After polishing off the dangerous liberal fads of “philosphy” and “education” last week, we’re now ready to learn all about how godless liberals tried to wreck culture through their pernicious effects on the arts!

Yahoo has published more excerpts from David Maraniss’ Barack Obama: The Story, mostly about how much he loved getting drunk and high and drag racing and then getting high again, while writing gay letters to ladies. Grow up, Obama of 30-35 years ago! But Maraniss was also able to get his hands on a list […]

So is Sarah Palin saying George Orwell did not write fiction, he wrote history books, and thus Obama is rewriting this history? That must be terrifying for Sarah Palin, knowing that just decades ago farm animals established a communist state right on Western soil. Or is she saying Obama will take credit for the surge, […]

Well, well, let’s take a look-see at the New York Review of Books. There’s some political stuff in here, yes? Sure there is. Besides, in a few months, the only magazines left in America will be a receipt for rice and dried fruit, and even that will be probably be a blog, and owned by […]

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