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Get Well Soon, Poppy and Bar Bush

Look this good when 92 you are, you will not.
Do we really need an 'environment' anyway?

Trump To Planet: Drop Dead :D

It was a nice biosphere while it lasted.
If only Democrats loved America. Sad!

Donald Trump Wishes Democrats Would Maybe Use Some Patriotic Imagery, The Commies

Predictably, Donald Trump insists Democrats don't love the flag enough. It's a star spangled lie, but he'll get mileage out of it.

Former Dumbest Person Alive Dan Quayle Is BACK, Says Trump Is A Winning Winner Because He Wins

In related news, Dan Quayle doesn't know what a tautology is.
Perry seems to have better technique

More Than Corndog Fellatio Pics: The Iowa State Fair, Wonksplained

Every few years, we are #blessed with photos of politicians deep-throating a corndog at Iowa’s state fair. But did you know that there is more to the Iowa State Fair than hot politician-on-food pics? There's enough meat-on-sticks to make...

Republican Candidates Agree: The Best Living President Is Ronald Reagan’s Rotting Corpse

It would seem that getting stumped by really simple questions isn't a problem limited to Jeb Bush being A Idiot. ALL the 2016 Republican candidates are doing it! CNN's Chris Moody traveled to the South Carolina Freedom Summit, where all...
On the right: Favorite. On the left: LOL

Jeb Bush Unveils Presidential Cabinet, Everyone In It Is George W. Bush

Every Republican knows the absolute last name you ever want to mention in mixed company is, um, you know. That one president who came before Barack Obama. Hell, even that one president knows he is toxic, which is why...
Here have some more crazy

Michele Bachmann: God Is Punishing Us For Obama, Just Like It Says In The Bible

Now that Michele Bachmann is no longer a member of Congress, she is free at last to share her innermost insanity that she'd kept to herself all those years she was in office. Like when she wanted to call...

Correction: Barack Obama Is Not In Fact The Antichrist

Best newspaper correction ever or BEST EVER?Here's the original letter. It's quite something: Who and what is Barack Obama? Obama claims nobody can stop him or change anything he's done. This evil must come to pass before the Lord's return...
Oh, those fabulous Bushes

Morning Maddow: Jeb Bush’s Website Violates Everybody’s Privacy, Oops (Video)

Rachel Maddow loves the Bush family almost as much as we do. Especially their talent for putting their foot in it, as President George H.W. Bush did when he seemed amazed by a supermarket scanner during his 1992 reelection...
Just being a good Christian

Your 2014 Legislative Sh*tmuffin (National Division): Oh Right It’s Ted Cruz For A Change

2014 was the year when Senator Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) officially renounced his Canadian citizenship and became a true American. It was also the year when Cruz made his first successful title defense of Wonkette's coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the...
So fashion forward!

GOP Looks To The Future, Thinks It Over, Sells Reagan/Bush T-Shirts Instead

Republicans are SO going to take back the White House in 2016 from those evil Democrats who've been in control of everything for the last 30 years, THANKS OBAMA. And they'll do it with cutting-edge technology and 21st century...

Here Are Stupid Things To Buy For The Beloved Idiot Republicans In Your Life

Greetings, godless liberals! Since you don't celebrate Christmas in your heathen belief system, you might not realize that the more upright members of society are using one of their "holy days" as a reason to spend the next two weeks exchanging...
The fax pun isn't integral to the story. But if Rachel were a wizard, her horse would be named Maddowfax.

Morning Maddow: Remember How St. Reagan Got Impeached For Executive Order On Immigration? (Video)

Monday's Rachel Maddow Show kicked off with one of those "where's she going?" bits, about the odd technologically outmoded conversations between Pope Francis and his best American bud, Cardinal Seán O'Malley -- they fax each other all the time,...
Who you callin' stupid?

Spawn Of Irving Kristol Sick Of Democrats Who Pretend To Make It On Their Own

Mouth-breathing uber-moron Bill Kristol came from nothing, absolutely nothing, to pull himself up by his own diapers and build his illustrious career as one of the most prominent Being Wrong About Everything Ever Always columnists in history. Which is...

Just A Reminder That George H.W. Bush Tossed Word Salad Before Word Salad Was Cool

Just a quick reminder that no matter how incoherent you may be feeling on any given day, you'd have to travel pretty darn far to match this classic from candidate George Herbert Walker Bush, kicking off a 1992...