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We started to write about Erick Erickson, Anger Bear Ken Doll, yesterday, because he’d recently written an incoherent yet completely rage-fueled thing about how you can TOO discriminate against the gays because it is in both Leviticus AND the New Testament unlike the prohibitions on shrimp and clothing with mixed fibers, nyah nyah nyah. It’s […]

Yesterday we told you all about how one B. Barry Bamz was trying to cram a gay black judge down Florida’s throat and how that is too terrifyingly liberal for Marco Rubio, but hoo boy Rubio ain’t seen nothing yet, because here comes Elizabeth Warren to primly yet sternly lecture Obama on how he is […]

We usually don’t get around to praising Laura Bush much in these parts. Our feelings on her tend to run the gamut from “meh” to “oh, do shut up.” But we are pretty into her latest interview, where she says that she would be totally down with scrutinizing a future First Gentleman the way we […]

Good news, wonkeroos: Your U.S. American government no longer owns any stock in General Motors! So no more lame ‘government motors’ jokes by people who would have rather seen an entire industry and a million jobs move offshore! The headline in all the papers is all about how the government lost about $11 billion in […]

Hey, remember how Dan Rather slandered President George W. Bush by saying that back in 1968, he got into a “champagne unit” of the Texas Air National Guard thanks to special favors, and then he got away with not showing up for training and physicals and stuff? He basically took a year off from even […]

Oh, golly Barack, we get it, underneath all the policy wonkiness and stiffness and discomfort, you are just a regular guy, aren’t you? Which is why you’re always soundin’ so perfectly natural when you’re droppin’ your g’s. But sure, when you’re fund-raisin’ in Hollywood and sharing the stage with Disney head Robert Iger, why not […]

Happy World AIDS Day (a day late, because drunk)!! Have you celebrated? How, exactly, does one celebrate the 25th annual World AIDS Day? We bought our Editrix a 10-pack of female condoms, because safe sexytimes are good sexytimes. The United States, on the other hand, celebrates by spending billions each year around the globe fighting […]

With so much Nice TimeTM happening in the U.S. recently (Texas badass womyns & mandatory gay marriages) we thought this would be a good time to talk about some Global Nice Time. As President Obama travels to Africa to retrieve his actual birth certificate, there is good news coming from several African countries: Seven countries […]

You guys, have we ever turned you on to Fifth Circuit Judge Edith Jones? We mean, have you ever really listened to her, man? She’s a trip. Such big hits like “Scream At Fellow Judges During Oral Arguments,”  the evocative “Supreme Court is the Source of Moral Decay,” the ear-worm “If You’re Not Actually Raped No […]

Less than ten years ago, President George W. “W.” Bush was pulling down Saddam Hussein statues and landing Mission Accomplished jets on things. Now, according to a new profile, he spends his time painting pictures of puppies. Alas, poor Yorick! Many former presidents, isolated by their notoriety, have famously taken up solitary hobbies: Thomas Jefferson […]

Barack Obama met with other Muslim world leaders in South Korea for the infamous G-20 economic summit, which is sort of like Bohemian Grove except Alex Jones is actually invited. (Who else is going to negotiate favorable Prison Planet DVD exchange rates?) Usually these economic summits are “trade this” and “currency that” and “blah blah […]

What has George Bush been doing lately, besides saying stupid things for lots of money, and trying his hardest not to choke on a pretzel stick? He has been working hard on a museum exhibit, which will feature Saddam Hussein’s gat. When did George Bush decide he was going to get all artsy-fartsy and start […]

Donald Rumsfeld’s memoir will be published in January. Don’t read it: “Known and Unknown,” being published by Sentinel (an imprint of Penguin), refers to Rumsfeld’s explanation in 2002 for the lack of evidence that Iraq was supplying terrorists with weapons of mass destruction. “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, […]

An internal investigation conducted by BP has concluded that it can start drilling again immediately, hooray! Oh and also “Team BP” did nothing wrong, at all, and so if you Americans still need someone or something to pay for the stuff in the ocean, sue the oil rig owner Transocean or the chavs at Halliburton, […]

RedState is spanking itself gleefully with a cinnamon-scented paddle because George Bush has been vindicated, and also everyone wants to know what he thinks about the atrocious Ground Zero Mosque. [RedState] Oh look: George Bush has commented on the 9/11 Mosque. His take: “Cordoba whaa?” And then he choked on a pretzel stick. Kaboom, vindicated! […]