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“George Allen” is one of the names inscribed in gilded letters in Wonkette’s Book of Legends. For those of you too young to remember, he was a senator from Virginia and considered a viable candidate for the Republican nomination in 2008, but before he could become George W. Bush II: The Bushening, he had to […]

Past and future failed Senate candidate George Allen held a Facebook town-hall with Virginia shut-ins and others who could not click the “X” button in time. Okay, wait. Were we not explicitly promised that the 2006 clip of Allen calling a rival campaign staffer “macaca” was THE END of his political career, which at one […]

Used condom George “Macaca” Allen has given humanity so many reasons to find him revolting that he is of course currently leading the pack of Republican primary candidates for the Virginia Senate race. But just to be extra sure to maintain his overall lead in tireless lifelong buffoonery, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that he has […]

Oh for fuck’s sake. Does George Allen think the problem with his last Senate race is he didn’t say “Macaca” enough? Well, he’s starting early this time!

Today was probably our last day at CPAC, an awful concentration camp of concentrated awfulness. But every winding Ron Paul book-signing line has to end somewhere, and we’re sure these folks are glad to be rid of us too. So here’s the last account of this crap, starring George Allen, Pam Geller, and a Joe […]

Brave Macaca hero Jim Webb has bravely decided to give up even trying to run for re-election to the U.S. Senate against half-witted football man George Allen. We can confirm this because the photo for this story on Google News is of a rooster that stabbed and killed a man at a cockfight. Yeah, that […]

Hours before George Allen announced his return to politics in Virginia, the insane football-cradling horse-riding racist was apparently back to his foul old tricks. A family in Arlington discovered the severed head of a deer tossed in their backyard. While there is no definite proof George Allen made a midnight ride on his stupid borrowed […]

Still bummed out over America’s comedic loss of Christine O’Donnell? Relax! There’s always another Top Tier Clown that will emerge to provide the laughs in the next election cycle. And the 2012 Humor Olympics have begun, because George Allen will announce today that he’s running for the Senate in Virginia, in 2012! Just six years […]

Virginia’s George Allen may be the most brilliant legislator to ever play with a football on the Senate floor, but unfortunately, he also likes to use old-timey racial slurs of which nobody has ever heard, so he was defeated in 2006 for saying “macaca” on YouTube. It was an important moment in American history, according […]

George Allen, remember all the fun we had with that guy? Remember when he found out his mother was secretly Jewish and then he had a big freakout when someone asked him about it? And then he lost his Senate re-election, because of of his Jewish nature, or maybe something else, we forget now. Well, […]

REMEMBER WHEN HE SAID 'MACACA'  2:53 pm December 15, 2009

by Jim Newell

THE ONE MAN WHOSE OPINION COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING: “In a conference call with reporters today organized by the Republican Party of Virginia, [former Sen. George] Allen blasted the ‘Obama-Pelosi’ health care initiative [as] an expensive experiment that Virginians don’t want.” Hooray! [Washington Post]

Likely GOP nominee for president in 2008 and self-loathing Virginian Jew George Allen has landed hisself a fancy book deal, following in the footsteps of his idol, Ken Layne. It is titled The Triumph of Character: What Washington Can Learn from the World of Sports, so readers should expect an aesthetic mash-up of Matt Christopher […]

Hmm, yeah, why *didn’t* Barack Obama pick George Allen instead, since racism seems to be the soup o’ the day? No person in history has been shat upon more than the white land-owning male. [Twitter]

Remember hilarious football-holding horse-riding racist dildo George Allen? He was supposed to be the “new Ronald Reagan,” but the Daily Kos or whatever videotaped him calling a fellow of Indian ancestry some kind of African monkey. Next thing you know, people found out George Allen was ashamed to be a secret Jew, and he maybe […]

Today marks the two-year anniversary of The Macaca Incident, in which Virginia Republican Sen. George Allen, a then-likely 2008 presidential nominee, called a Jim Webb spy “macaca” — which is like the ersatz “n*****” in certain tropical parts of Asia — leading to a series of Prejudiced hole-digging by Allen (“I’m a Jew? Who knew! […]