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Myanmar Government Insists Rohingya People Are ‘Fake News.’ See? Donald Trump IS Influential.

It's an atrocity, but it's not getting very big ratings.

Reddit Crackdown On Hate Somehow Doesn’t Include Elliot Rodger Worshipers, ‘Helicopter Ride’ Enthusiasts

On the bright side, several Nazi subreddits have finally been taken down.

‘Crying Nazi’ Lawyer Knows What Comedy Is, And It Sounds Exactly Like ‘Mein Kampf’

Cantwell is also encouraging his 'supporters' to 'monitor' his accusers online activities.

Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Rwandan Hate Radio?


A One Hundred Percent Trumpless Appreciation Of Elie Wiesel, RIP

Because that Star of David bullshit can wait till tomorrow.

Jim Webb Feeling Mighty Stabby About These Goldurned Injun-Lovin’ Andrew Jackson Haters

Dead-eyed failed "Democratic" presidential candidate Jim Webb, who killed a guy one time, is very upset about the way kids today are treading all over President Andrew Jackson, just because he genocided a bunch of Native Americans one time. In...
Maybe the Indian is pulling the white man down on him in an act of wanton lust.

New York Villagers Still Love It When White Dudes Choke Native Americans

Surprise, some people did a racism. We told you a story last summer about an idyllic little village in New York called Whitesboro, which is NOT named for all white people, but rather for Hugh White, who founded the...
If only they'd built a YOOGE classy wall to keep Columbus out

Bigots Weep As Oklahoma Town Murders Christopher Columbus

Congrats to Anadarko, Oklahoma (population 6,762), the first municipality in that state to celebrate today as Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of Columbus Day, thanks to a City Council resolution passed unanimously in September. The proclamation was formally signed by...

Christopher Columbus Was A Dick

One thousand years ago today -- or Monday, the 12th -- a terrible slave-trading murderer/imbecile who did not even know how to spell his own name, which is Latin for "asshole," landed at the "Sandals" resort in Puerto Rico...
For Ben, it's Raptor Jesus or nothing

Ben Carson Says Racist Obama Genociding All The Blacks

Ben Carson took his turn to swing the Idiot Stick at that fake story about Planned Parenthood running a Fetus-Parts Thrift Shop. Not only did he repeat the usual nonsense about how terrible it is that Planned Parenthood is forcing women...
We have no context for this image. But Charles Darwin WILL learn you on this.

Sundays With The Christianists: Charles Darwin Was A Very Bad Man, A Very Bad Man Indeed

If it's Sunday, it must be time for another foray into the mind of Colorado radio man o' God and homeschooling big wheel Kevin Swanson, the genius who warns that the Girl Scouts are communist lesbians whose cookies fund...
We actually remember this part

John Oliver Wonders Why We’re Still Bothering With Columbus Day (Video)

Happy Native American Genocide Day, Blame-America-First crowd! John Oliver and Last Week Tonight have this happy little video asking the important question: How is Columbus Day still a thing? It's a solemn commemoration of mattress sales and "turning up...

Sundays With The Christianists: Smallpox-Infested American History Textbooks For Your Homeschooled Savages

Hey, history buffs, or historians in the buff as the case may be. After a brief detour into the novelistic sludge of America's Greatest Artist, we're back to our American History textbooks for the Christian school and homeschooling market....

Heavy Metal Preacher Bradlee Dean Warns Of Obama’s Plan to ‘Eradicate The Hispanic and Negro Race’

Longtime Wonkette frenemy and gift to satire Bradlee Dean took to the interwebs Saturday to share some insights on the "Sons of Liberty Radio" podcast, warning that Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of the dusky-hued races, nevermind what...

Glenn Beck Exposes Obama’s Sinister Plot: WWII Memorial Closure First Step Toward Shooting Everyone Dead

Glenn Beck has this whole government shutdown thing figured out: unlike every other government shutdown that resulted in Washington DC museums and monuments being closed to the public, this shutdown is actually the first phase of a Marxist Communist...

Very Intelligent White Supremacist Ginger Explains Homosexuality Is Genocide To Bunch Of Dumb Gays

Er, so, this nice fellow John King (not that John King) of SaveWhitePeople.com would like dykes and faggots to know, as he screams "faggots" at them, that it is because they are not having white babies that the white...