Hey, history buffs, or historians in the buff as the case may be. After a brief detour into the novelistic sludge of America’s Greatest Artist, we’re back to our American History textbooks for the Christian school and homeschooling market. This week, once again, we’ve got a real contrast: someone seems to have let a real […]

Longtime Wonkette frenemy and gift to satire Bradlee Dean took to the interwebs Saturday to share some insights on the “Sons of Liberty Radio” podcast, warning that Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of the dusky-hued races, nevermind what the lamestream media has brainwashed people to think: And do tell your black friends and your […]

Glenn Beck has this whole government shutdown thing figured out: unlike every other government shutdown that resulted in Washington DC museums and monuments being closed to the public, this shutdown is actually the first phase of a Marxist Communist revolution being plotted by a cabal of “Marxist revolutionaries” who have cleverly calculated Marxist Communist ways to […]

Er, so, this nice fellow John King (not that John King) of would like dykes and faggots to know, as he screams “faggots” at them, that it is because they are not having white babies that the white race is dying out. So we guess John King’s solution would be to forcibly impregnate all […]

Yesterday Barry Obama’s tanning tax went into effect across the land, adding 10% to the cost of every tan. Why are we getting this tax again? Oh right, because Obama’s already tanned and doesn’t have to pay for his golden brown. Also, he ObamaCares about you getting cancer. But he doesn’t care at all about […]

GENOCIDE  11:20 am January 3, 2008

Save the Kenyan Elephants!

by Megan Carpentier

IRAQ  9:47 am October 11, 2007

by Alex Pareene