general mills

It’s Pride Month, which means that it is time for us to talk yet again about how General Mills cereals are super duper gay. In 2012, we had some real heroes protest General Mills’s headquarters because they did not wish for the gays to burn in hell. In 2013, WND had to cry conserva-tears over […]

Here at Wonk we’ve been a fan of Cheerios-pushing cereal maker General Mills, both because Cheerios are fucking great and because they love the gays. But we are not really into their latest thing, which is basically telling people that if they interact with them in any way online, they’ve given up their right to […]

Well here’s a fun story where we can enjoy saying the hell with just about everybody, yay! On the one hand, you’ve got General Mills, a soulless megacorporation that is, OK,¬†slightly less awful than many, because gay-friendly policies and all, yes, very nice, and we can get behind that because good corporate citizenship and all, […]

A portly neckbearded gentleman with a pink shirt and a blowtorch sets fire to a box of Honey Nut Cheerios to show General Mills that he does not care for its gay-friendly policies. It does not go quite as brilliantly as he planned, thanks to wind and highly flammable sugar. But what else has been […]

These nice protesters went to Betty Crocker Drive in Golden Valley, Minnesota, to throw all their Wheaties and Cheerios and Bisquick and Gogurt and Hamburger Helper and Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and Gold Medal flour and La Saltena spaghetti right in the face of stupid old General Mills, by collecting all General Mills’ products from their […]

Wonkette trash-eating operative “Jeff” sends this curious lunch-break picture and writes, “It’s a $25,000 check from General Mills to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute sitting [outside] a garbage can on 17th and K Streets.” This “Jeff” STUPIDLY did not take it, so it may be still there! Just take it to the bank and they’ll […]