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As for Ms. Sparkle, she's Twi-Curious

Wingnuts Worry Purple Unicorn Brainwashes Kids With LGBTQ Ideas Like ‘Acceptance’ And ‘Diversity’

It doesn't take much to send some conservatives into full Moral Panic mode.
Clearly a terrifying presence

Trans Panicked Lady Yells At Short-Haired Gal In Walmart Restroom, Saves America

A Connecticut woman says the was called "disgusting" in a Walmart restroom by a shopper who assumed she was trans because she has short hair. Disgusting? Maybe. But COMPLETELY ADORABLE.

Dilbert Guy Scott Adams: Why Won’t Any Of These ‘Women’ Give Terrorists A Hug?

How old is Yr Wonkette? We remember when Dilbert was still funny. While Scott Adams has been churning out the same old cubicle jokes for years, his real passion seems to have gone into blogging from an odious libertarian...
Actual women's studies professor

Daily Caller OUTRAGED Feminist Professors Get Paid Like Actual Professors

Prepare to be shocked and appalled and disgusted, while you're at it, because you know who is really making out like bandits these days? No, not those Wall Street types who make six-figure bonuses on top of their six-figure...

Plucky Girl Convinces Hasbro To Market Easy Bake Oven To Boys, Maybe Destroys American Manhood

You may have heard about this when it popped up a few weeks back: 13 year old McKenna Pope of Garfield, New Jersey, started a petition on Change.org calling on Hasbro to change its marketing for the Easy Bake...

Fox ‘Doctor’ Keith Ablow: Screw You Marlo Thomas, William Doesn’t Get A Doll

Here is Dr. Keith Ablow, on Fox & Friends, blowing a Bill O'Reilly-like gasket at the state of the world today, as evidenced by -- you may want to escort all children and pregnant women from the room --...