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The Week In Garbage Men: How To Celebrate International Men’s Day Like A Misogynistic Asshat

Today, in case you were not aware, is International Mens Day. Coincidentally, it is also National Toilet Day.

Judge Tosses Trans Ban, Rules Trump Can’t Even Bigot Good

Turns out that making up shit on Twitter is a bad legal strategy! Who knew?

Walgreens Pharmacist Too Holy To Do His Job

Oh look, another pharmacist with SINCERELY HELD RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

Gayness No Longer A (Legal) Firing Offense? Holy Shit, It’s Nice Time!

Is there anything good at all happening in our Trumpian hellscape dystopia? OMG, there actually IS!

Racist News Anchor Wendy Bell: I Was Fired For Being A White Lady!

Bell claims her comments would not have been considered racist if a black person said them.

Transgender-Hatin’ School Board Begging Supreme Court To Kick Its Ass Now

Ooh, what if the Supreme Court takes this case???

Sen. James Inhofe Wishes Transgender Folk Would Stop Peeing All Over His Neck

The trans folk are making Sen. Inhofe very pee-shy. ALLEGEDLY.
Ew gay.

North Carolina Sues Obama Over God-Given Right To Fiddle Around Inside Your Pants

BREAKING NEWS: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is a moron.

North Carolina Republicans Furious Obama Won’t Let Them Peek Inside People’s Panties

Oh golly, North Carolina idiot Gov. Pat McCrory and the other Republicans who helped create the state's insane anti-LGBT discrimination law are making the saddest panty gravy right now! You see, on Wednesday, Obama's mean Justice Department wrote the governor...
blood meridian 2015

Walmart Has To Pay $31 Million For Retaliation-Firing An Employee, Hooray!

There needs to be a special term for schadenfreude where Walmart is concerned. Sure, we love to see bad things happen to most big companies, but seeing Walmart taken to task for its heinous treatment of employees is satisfying...
He had problems with her persona

Iowa Lady Accuses Trump Campaign Of Sex Discrimination, Who’d Have Thought?

In an enormously surprising turn of events, a woman fired by Donald Trump's Iowa campaign organization has filed a gender discrimination complaint against the Trump campaign, accusing it of paying men more than women for the same job. Frankly, we're...
Probably just peed next to a transgender.

Wisconsin Will Heal Pain And Suffering Caused By Transgenders Doing Potty

In Tuesday night's Democratic debate, candidates were asked what the greatest problem facing our nation is, and they said things like "Ay-Rabs" and "nuculars" and "global warming, WHEEEE!" But they are all wrong. As all good Christian Americans know,...
You'd think a guy who wears ducky jammies in public would have better judgment

Rep. Blake Farenthold: I Did Not Have ‘Wet Dreams’ About Sexing That Staffer I Fired

In December, we gasped and clutched our pearls and LOL'd sooooo hard and then gagged even harder at the news that Texas Congressfool Blake Farenthold (R-Footie Pajamas) had been sued for sexually harassing his former communications director, Lauren Greene,...

Saudi Arabia Sends Women to Terror Court for Driving While Female

Saudi Arabia has a problem. No matter how many times their powerful religious authorities warn about the dangers posed by females engaging in the act of driving, those crazy ladies keep getting behind the wheel! It's not even a big deal...
You'd think a guy who wears ducky jammies in public would have better judgment

Inconceivably, Ducky-Pajamas-Wearing Texas Congressman Has Been Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Texas Congresscritter Blake Farenthold is a real peach. He was elected to the House in 2010, flirted with birtherism,, explained that Ebola was probably going to kill us all because that's how it works in zombie movies, and has...