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In an undated file photo, Neil deGrasse Tyson gives the Wookiee salute popularized by Dr. Spock

Neil deGrasse Tyson Turns Twitter Feed Into Live Show, Sciences The Sh*t Out Of Movies

Neil deGrasse Tyson is America's preeminent nerd. He'd like to take you to the movies. And then remind you space is a vacuum, and the Death Star wouldn't go 'KABOOM!'
And then the bartender says to the neutron, 'For you, no charge!'

Hero Nerd Science Teen Ahmed Mohamed Visits White House, Doesn’t Blow It Up

Texas nerdboy Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested in September when school officials and the Irving Police Department decided his alarm clock inside a pencil case looked like a hoax bomb, finally got to meet President Obama Monday night at...
True fact: Nerdy smiles started as a prison fashion, like saggy pants

Dead Breitbart Exposes Nerd Hero Clockmaker As Dangerous Bubble-Blowing Thug

You might think that the rightwing attempt to demonize Ahmed Mohamed, the kid who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his high school in Irving, Texas, might have died down by now. But then you would be...
True fact: chineseposters.net is almost as addictive as TV Tropes. Also, those are some weirdly-proportioned babbies.

Brave New Tractor: John Deere And General Motors Pretty Sure They Own All Your Stuff

You might think you own your car, but depending on how much computery stuff is built into it -- and in today's modern times of today, that's all of it, Katie -- your name might be on the title,...

Obama Crosses Nerd Streams, Every Molecule Of Internet Explodes At Speed Of Light

President Obama's reference to a "Jedi mind meld" at a press conference shook the geekosphere Friday, leading many to doubt his credentials as nerd in chief. Anguished tweets about the gaffe flooded the internet, as if millions of voices...

Here Nerds, Have A Mid-Afternoon Obama/Uhura Snack, For ‘Bating

Yeah yeah, President Obama seems to be in this picture too, but DAMN, Nichelle Nichols, you are 170,000 years old, and you are freaking FOIN. (Squee note, you are wearing a space necklace.)

Gingrich Declared Geekiest Candidate, Geek Population Promptly Dies Off

Newt "Skywalker" Gingrich has been declared the geekiest candidate of them all in a new six-page "study" conducted by Scientific American. The criteria? Obviously not intelligence, but rather knowing stuff about topics including guns, stars, the Internet and science...

LOTR Nerd Blasts Your Wonkette For Disrespecting LOTR, Nerds

We didn't know it was possible for someone who reads actual books and is a nerd to have bad grammar and spelling, but apparently it is, as one of them has written us to tell us that we committed...

Nerd Community Nerdily Embraces Nerd President

Oh here's John Hodgman, author of the weird and hilarious The Areas of My Expertise, who is apparently also a "minor television personality," who knew?! And here is his very sly "roast" of the president, Barack Obama, at some...

Poll Results: Everybody Loses!