Gays in the Military

A round of applause, everyone! For the first time since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the US Army has promoted an openly gay soldier to the rank of General. Tammy S. Smith was promoted from Colonel to Brigadier General last Friday in a ceremony in Washington D.C.; her wife, Tracey Hepner, affixed Smith’s […]

Only a genius with an IQ of 500 like Rick Perry could finally fit the puzzle pieces together in what can be called the great Da Vinci Code riddle of our time: why did Barack Obama really want to allow gays to openly serve in the military? So that “our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas” […]

Wait, what? It finally happened? “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is officially over today and is now and forever just one of America’s most cherished, tender Clinton-era memories (right up there with the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Robert Rubin’s banking deregulation spree). Yep, today! Started at midnight! You’d have hardly noticed — where is the screaming? […]

Performing a nationwide genocide of American fat children can get tiring after a while, because there are just so many of them, and so many things keeping them alive. With this in mind, our FLOTUS has taken a break from broccoli-boarding 4th graders to focus on something equally depressing: the struggles of military families! This […]

Hey, it looks like Obama and the Democratic Congress are finally going to get around to repealing don’t ask, don’t tell, just weeks before the midterm election returns a 100 percent Republican Congress that would never ever agree to such a thing. What convoluted legislative shenanigans have these man-loving and/or sapphic warmongers come up with […]