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Happy 420 Easter (also unfortunately Hitler’s birthday), everyone! This week, a bit of a surprise: we had anticipated that our textbooks for the Christian-school market would lead off their discussion of the 1970s with a lot of excuses and soft-pedaling of Watergate, perhaps depicting it as the destruction of a good man by radicals in […]

Sometimes we worry that we’re turning into old weird Camille Paglia. “YOU ARE CRIMINALIZING THE MALE ESSENCE!!!!1!” we shriek when girls go, “he whistled at me, I am malegazeraped, waah.” So it is good to know we are not turning into Camille Paglia, since she is now sexplaining why sex ed should be more prude. What […]

Poor Matt Barber. He went to the Conservative Political Action Conference hoping to find like-minded moral scolds, but discovered that once the speeches are done for the day, the events at the Gaylord National Hotel are not all-night prayer meetings, but instead the sort of drunken revels you’d expect from dirty liberals. From the atrium-facing […]

How’s about a round of applause for Arizona state Sen. Steve Gallardo, who was moved by the recent excitement over the state’s discrimination-is-awesome bill to come out as gay today. “I am gay, I am Latino and I’m a state senator,” Gallardo said, explaining that the fight over SB 1062 had been a “game-changer” in […]

Minor-league wingnut preacher Rick Scarborough*, who dreams of suing the gays away, is very disappointed to report that not everyone in Christian America is quite so het up about the gays as he is. In a “Tea Party Unity” webcast last week, Scarborough lamented to Don Feder of the “World Congress of Families” (where do […]

Fecal protoplasm Ken Cuccinnelli was on Crossfire yesterday because when you are a losing loser who just lost a governor’s race and has seen legislators and judges roll back bills and causes you championed, it is very important for America to keep hearing from you (see also Romney, Mitt). Normally yr Wonkette would just leave […]

You remember all the Bible stories about Jesus hating on the lepers and ostracizing the prostitutes and generally being mean to people not like Him? He was constantly a Divine Dick to all manners of people considered ‘sinners,’ because that’s what religion is all about. The Arizona state legislature has taken those religious lessons to […]

Can’t really argue with the opinion of Houston Mayor Annise Parker on this one. Asked for her thoughts on the whole Phil Robertson duck-tussle, Parker, the contentedly out lesbian mayor lady said: “I have never watched ‘Duck Dynasty,’ so I don’t think about it much at all,” Parker responded. “I’ve been a gay community activist […]

A&E Network has suspended Phil Robertson, star of the Duck Dynasty teevee program, following his charming opinions on teh gheys and what they do with their man-parts. In a recent interview in GQ, Robertson explained that “It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. […]

Happy Saturday, Wonquistadores! Every week, our web browsers overflow with a fetid slop of stories that were too stoopid to ignore altogether, but not quite worth full posts of their own. Then we mop up the mess and wring out the smelly excess into a big old bucket we call the Derp Roundup. Add grain […]

Just in case anyone was wondering whether the hierarchy was listening when New Pope said that stuff about ratcheting back the whole culture war agenda, here’s your answer: Three chairmen of U.S. bishops’ committees outlined their opposition to the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 (ENDA) in a letter to the U.S. Senate … The […]

Well, golly, here we were getting all optimistic about all those nice-time stories about how same-sex marriages aren’t exactly destroying the fabric of society, and then along comes a giant turd like this: The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled against a man who sought survivor benefits from the state pension system based on his same-sex […]

It has been some time since we have checked in on the work of Breitbart journalist de excellence Sad Lee Stranahan and his continued efforts to cobble together career-making stories from the detritus of American apartheid and institutionalized racism. Now Sad Lee has trained his scholarly firepower on another subject for a piece over at […]

A couple of short items from Outer Wingnuttia today. Our first is this insight from American Family Association Radio host Sandy Rios, who explained Friday that she understands how the gays say they love each other, but then again, creepy rapist/kidnapper Ariel Castro said he “loved” his victims, and pedophiles say they “love” their victims […]

Human Rorschach test Edward Snowden has left the Moscow airport transit zone where he’s lived since June 23, and is now in actual real Russia after being granted a temporary, one-year asylum. His Russian attorney, Anatoly Kucherena, says that Snowden accepted the Russian government’s condition that he will not release any further US secrets while […]