gay republicans

Oh look, a poorly produced video about some guy named “Jim,” a.k.a “our bitch who got us drunk.” (No, not Jim Newell, although we will make him our bitch and let him get us drunk if he asks nicely.) This video is about Jim Henderson, formerly a senior attorney at the American Center for Law […]

Here is the hot American president’s day news for those of you who didn’t spend the weekend searching for “gay wingnut arizona sheriff tries to deport gay mexican lover” on Ask Jeeves: Beloved right-wing anti-Mexican Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu has been caught trying to deport his homosexual Mexican lover, because Paul Babeu is a homosexual […]

Oh look, Michele Bachmann doesn’t even know the names of the random “children” she assembled to make this dumb Christmas video to remind everyone that her gay husband Marcus is so gay that he’s not even allowed in the family Christmas video. “Don’t forget the reason for the season,” sez Michele … which is marginalizing […]

Indiana state Rep. Phillip Hinkle has never read the news, or the Internet, or the writing on the wall that overwhelmingly suggests, “If you are a Republican lawmaker picking up gay hookers on Craigslist, you will be caught, naked and ashamed.” Hinkle ran into trouble after soliciting a gay Craigslist prostitute who balked during their […]

There is some other GOP presidential candidate we never actually even heard of named Fred Karger, but he is according to some poll tied with Tim Pawlenty, which feels about right. Karger is also one of the vanishingly rare openly gay Republicans people hear about on quiet days when the wind is still, which means […]

We know that it’s not easy being a gay Republican! We can ignore the fact that the Republican Party, as a policy, would rather that gays not exist, or that, if they do exist, their emotional attachments not be given any recognition by any level of government whatsoever; people will do some crazy stuff for […]

48% of Americans and 0% of Lipton executives feel that American taxes are just fine they way they are. [AMERICAblog] There’s a new book in the works called Bo, America’s Commander-in-Leash. Meghan McCain is not at all involved in its publication but will still probably received a high six-figure advance. [The Caucus] An atheist, who […]