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National Review Lady Thinks Hot Gay Episcopal Bishop Sex Isn’t Sexy, Somehow

If you like having the minutiae of internal Catholic Church politics dissected, you know where to go: Kathryn Lopez, on the National Review Online’s Corner, the world’s greatest Internet blog. But what if you want the same sort of deal, only you jones for inside info and analysis on the Anglican Communion? The world’s greatest Internet blog has you covered, friend! Charlotte Hays is here to tell you all about the catty queens who are ruining the perfectly nice religion that American’s old aristocracy used to belong to, before we replaced them with fratty stockbrokers. The Episcopalians just had a little confab in Indianapolis (gross) in which they approved a rite to bless gay unions. Somehow Charlotte Hays translated this into the headline “Why Aren’t Episcopalians Sexy?”, which, uh? Read more on National Review Lady Thinks Hot Gay Episcopal Bishop Sex Isn’t Sexy, Somehow…
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Recession Time Is Sexytime!

By the Comics CurmudgeonWell, if Prince is singing about AIG or something, then the recession must officially be sexy! It all makes sense, really: most pastimes Americans have up to this point enjoyed involve spending gobs of money ultimately derived from home equity lines of credit — with the sexy exception of sex, which is often “free,” and can take place in foreclosed condos and hobo shantytowns. Read more on Recession Time Is Sexytime!…