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Updated: see end of post Things may get a little awkward for North Carolina state Senate candidate Steve Wiles (R-Denial), who’s one of three candidates in tomorrow’s primary for his district. See, he’s been touting his support for the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, but then over the weekend, the manager of a gay nightclub […]

Buttsechs. Some people like to do it in their butts, while other people like to pay their rent owning mommyblogs that for some weird reason unknown to G_d or man (COUGH ANA MARIE COUGH) have become synonymous with anal loving. Still other people like to be elected representatives of the people of South Dakota and […]

From Massachusetts, Stephen Colbert brings ominous news of the latest rather hot threat to the institution of marriage: three women who call themselves a “throuple” and have sparked another rightwing freakout about how legalizing same-sex marriage will ultimately kill traditional marriage dead. Or as Colbert notes, at the very least, it will ruin “traditional threesomes, […]

Hero of Americanism and decency Glenn Beck took a few minutes to yell at politicians whose views on same-sex marriage have evolved, because changing your mind is weak and hypocritical, and nowhere near as principled as always holding the same views forever: “You’re saying this is the civil rights issue of our day, and you […]

The homosexxers have had a great run lately. With the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the end of DOMA and 17 states permitting the homosexxicans to get all gay married, it’s been all rainbows and glitter for the last couple of years. But, it’s time to give it up and just go back in […]

Man, it is a great time to be gay and the saddest time ever to hate on the gays, as state after state after state turns homosexual. Ohio was only partly gay, having recognized gay marriage for the purpose of death certificates late last year, but now they have let the homosexxicans take over everything […]

Courage of convictions. This is one of the most important courages out there, cited more often than almost any other courage. So it came as quite a pleasant surprise when World Vision, one of the largest faith-based, pro-Jesus global charities on the planet, announced that they would hire legally married gay couples. Kudos to World […]

Would you believe that we have not brought you the thought-like pronouncements of the American Patriarchy Association’s Bryan Fischer since December? Too long! And it seems that Mr. Fischer has continued a little further down the tracks that he was laying last time, when he said that the First Amendment only applies to Christians, because […]

As recently as last November, there was a chance that Ken “the Cooch” Cuccinelli might have been elected Governor of Virginia. He’d knocked good-kind-of-boring Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling out of the way by convincing the Virginia GOP to call off the primary and select its slate of candidates at a statewide wingnut convention instead. […]

No, really, we are asking. Here is hot Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, announcing that he will not fight a judge’s recent decision affirming that Kentucky must recognize same sex marriages performed outside the state. (We did not read the judge’s decision, because Jesus, there are going to be 50 of these fuckers soon enough, […]

We all know that every problem in America can be blamed on the liberals, with our absolute belief that man-on-dog-on-snowman sex should be taught as Biblically sanctioned in second grade classrooms. Let’s just face facts — we liberals love us some LGBTQs, and we have no bigger champion in our fold than Senate Minority Leader […]

The winter had driven her crazy. All these snowstorms, all these months and months trapped in her home, barely able to go outside into the streets that the terrible Communist mayor refused to plow, all those days on her own because the snow prevented her man-servant from journeying to the Upper East Side from the […]

If everything is bigger in Texas, then we can’t wait to attend a big ol’ Texas-sized Gay Wedding. And pretty soon that could happen, per the NYT: A federal judge in Texas struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday, ruling that the laws restricting marriage to a man and a woman violated […]

When we first heard of this Matt Bevin guy who’s running against Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky Republican primary, the only thing we knew about him was that he was a millionaire, a tea partier, and the sort of person who calls Mitch Goddamn McConnell a big-government liberal. Well, now we have a deeper understanding […]

Man, we are pretty jealous of the person who got to write the headline for the AP article on the big Pope Francis and His Cardinals Jamboree this week, because they somehow slipped “Pope Opens Big Week With Sex, Divorce On Agenda” past their editors. Believe the hype of the headline, though, because our current […]