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If it’s Tuesday, this must be another post about a federal judge throwing out a state law banning same-sex marriage. The lucky winner this time around is Kentucky, where U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II overturned the state’s 2004 constitutional amendment against gay unions, writing another of those decisions (PDF link) that aim for […]

There are so many gay states in the union, but today Indiana is the gayest of all! That’s because a federal judge struck down Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban. And the Hoosiergays (this is their name) have ALREADY STARTED MARRYING! Marion County Clerk Beth White said she is prepared to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples […]

Good Christ but 2016 seems relentlessly far away when we realize that we will have so much more of Bobby Jindal lurching to the right. No, righter. Keep going. We will have endless exegeses of the meaning of Hillary’s pantsuits. And worst of all we will have to continue to pretend that Ben Carson is […]

You might recall that Wisconsin is only the latest in a long long list of states that are currently ramming hot thick gay marriage down your throats, thanks to goddamn activist judges. But the attorney general of Wisconsin is a very sore loser and does not like the taste of gay marriage, so he figured […]

You guys, are we talking about the gays too much? We’re a little worried we’re talking about the gays too much, but there’s just so much gayness happening right now, you know? So many other states rammed gay marriage down our throats since Utah did last year that we’d kind of forgotten all about how […]

Actual Dialogue from Wonket Sekrit Chatcave, 4:35 pm, EDT: Dok Z: We should try to find something happy to round out the day Sara B: I’m writing things on Patton as we speaketh Dok Z: and maybe another state will legalize gay marriage in the next 15 minutes Rebecca S: haha So then just after 5:00, […]

Get out your Post-Tragedy Bingo Cards, kids — the Family Research Council (motto: “All research vetted by our opinion”) has found a couple of additional suspects in last weekend’s killing spree in Isla Vista, California. While crazy feminists think that maybe the killings might have something to do with Elliot Rodger’s open declaration of hatred […]

Holy crap, 2016 fundraising is rough, especially if you are a Democrat not named Hillary Clinton. How rough? Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley spent the weekend engaging in his most aggressive push for campaign cash yet, and his office refuses to release how much he raised. What was his tactic? Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), who […]

The gaypocalypse is upon us. We have seen the signs, from judges competing to see who can write the most elegant fuck you to the religious right when legalizing gay marriage to Common Core turning all our children gay. And Washington, DC (the city and people that live here, not the asshole Congresscritters you flyover […]

So unless you do not have the internets or are really really afraid of the gays, you know that yesterday a federal judge struck down Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban. Do you know how much gay marriage throat cramming that makes? It makes so much throat cramming that we cannot even keep track any longer and […]

Another day, another state gets gay marriage. This time, it’s Oregon, where U.S. District Judge Michael McShane overturned the state’s law against same-sex marriage, ruling it unconstitutional. McShane ordered the ruling go into effect immediately, and the first ceremonies have already taken place. And unlike in several other states in marriage equality cases, Oregon state […]

Just how totally opposed to gay marriage is the Great State of Idaho? How about this: It’s so clear on the sanctity of marriage that it won’t permit a U.S. Navy Veteran to be interred with her wife in the state-run military cemetery in Boise. Wouldn’t want to send the wrong message about what constitutes […]

You know what’s tough? Having gay marriage crammed down your throat. It’s uncomfortable if you are not used to it (just breathe through your nose). But what if there was a reacharound workaround that could un-cram that gay marriage? It would have to be completely illogical and a legal stretch, but hey, we think that […]

Open wide, Idaho, because we’re cramming some big gay homo marriage right down your throat! (Try relaxing your jaw and breathing through your nose.) Late Tuesday a federal judge in Boise struck down Idaho’s gay marriage ban, declaring a referendum passed in 2006 that enshrined the principle of one-heterosexual-man-one-heterosexual-woman marriage in the state constitution out […]

Because we happen to know that there is almost no end to the dumb things a guy like South Dakota state Rep. Steve Hickey can say about buttsechs, the good legislator was invited onto some local webcast thing from the Argus Leader newspaper, which didn’t run his crazy buttsex letter last week, but was willing […]