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Spicer: Trump Just Walks Around Naked And Puts His Naked Butt On EVERYTHING


Gavin Newsom Invented Your Gay Marriage: Wonkette Appreciates

Gavin Newsom is California's lieutenant governor. He used to be mayor of San Francisco. He is pretty. A long time ago, before today's Supreme Court ruling invalidating Prop 8 (which we will have a post on EVENTUALLY, SNIPY), we...

Jonah Goldberg Has An Advanced Degree In Zombieology

What is 'Max Baucus'? We simply do not know. Today's RedState lecture: "How Limbaugh’s embodiment of MLK’s dream changed my life." Please take notes because you'll be tested on this material at the end of the semester. How will...

After Today, The Foibles Of Kanye West Will No Longer Constitute “Breaking Political News,” Maybe

You, the worker, have actually been getting paid more, not less, over the last year.* (*Except if you are unemployed. Salaries of the unemployed have been comparatively static.) The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has joined most...

Gavin Newsom Is Running For Governor Of Twitterfornia

Just a few short years ago, candidates for political office announced they were getting in the race by doing something civilized like standing outside and making a speech, to live humans. Now you just announce it on the vulgar...

Newsom “Off the Market”

Gavin Wants Your Soda!

Sean Penn: Anyone But Newsom!

Miss America Has Lowered Her Sights