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Gavin Newsom is California’s lieutenant governor. He used to be mayor of San Francisco. He is pretty. A long time ago, before today’s Supreme Court ruling invalidating Prop 8 (which we will have a post on EVENTUALLY, SNIPY), we wrote a thing. We are stealing it for you wholesale! How can you write about Gavin […]

What is ‘Max Baucus’? We simply do not know. [Matt Yglesias] Today’s RedState lecture: “How Limbaugh’s embodiment of MLK’s dream changed my life.” Please take notes because you’ll be tested on this material at the end of the semester. [RedState] How will Jonah Goldberg survive the impending zombie apocalypse?! Hiding in a spider hole at […]

You, the worker, have actually been getting paid more, not less, over the last year.* (*Except if you are unemployed. Salaries of the unemployed have been comparatively static.) [New York Times] The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has joined most of Congress in thinking Obama’s idea about a new surge in Afghanistan is […]

Just a few short years ago, candidates for political office announced they were getting in the race by doing something civilized like standing outside and making a speech, to live humans. Now you just announce it on the vulgar “Twatter” service employed by narcissists, creepy old men, and highly accomplished [Note: Beautiful young "Meg McCabe" […]

GAVIN NEWSOM  11:34 am December 18, 2007

Gavin Wants Your Soda!

by Megan Carpentier