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Your Wonkette editor Rebecca is currently en route to Tampa, or dragged out to sea in the worst hurricane ever, who knows, but we’ve been getting crucial news reports from Tampa all weekend anyway. “I’ve seen two furries already and I haven’t event left the airport,” Former Wonkette and current Reason Paultard correspondent Garrett Quinn […]

What happens to our former scribes when they leave the fairest pastures of Your Wonkette for the “real world”? Some of them go to Time, some start cults in the desert, some come back to Wonkette for additional “funnin’ on the Internet.” Everyone else just gets yelled at by Donald Trump after writing funny insults […]

Wonkette’s Garrett Quinn has been covering the growing Occupy Boston protest for his blog, and this is video he shot in the very early hours of today. What happened? Exactly what’s been happening to people who try to “sleep rough” in America since the Reagan era: Late night raids, freakouts, confusion, overtime for the […]

America’s greatest new blog journalist, the Boston Globe‘s Garrett Quinn, sends this Perfect Photograph from this weekend’s Massachusetts GOP convention. How do we know that’s not Scott Brown in the middle, hiding from Sarah Palin? First, he is not naked. Second, Scott Brown’s fur is on his own skin.

GAH! All of you fucking people shut up and go home right now. Just when the old slob yelling “I LUV SARAH!” seems like the most annoying creature on Earth, some kind of tattooed young lady libtard decides the best way to make her squeaky-ass whining worse is to amplify it through some sort of […]

HELLO, SAILOR! Not sure what this fellow is even protesting or if he’s just proud of wriggling around in Mitt’s magic underwear, but it’s safe to say that his Tea Party Shirt has the best spelling and grammar and font of any Teabagger shirt, sign or words scrawled on Sarah Palin’s palm.

It’s the Boston Tea Party day in Boston, and everybody is breaking out with their finest signs and slogans. Our Boston Globe (?!) friend Garrett Quinn is out there taking pictures, including this one. How did we, as a nation led by a common African, go so quickly from Socialism ‘n Communism to, uh, Fascism? […]

SCOTT BROWN SHEDS A TEAR  9:53 am April 7, 2010

by Ken Layne

WONKETTE PAULTARD PAL GARRETT QUINN GETS BOSTON GLOBE GIG: What happens when people write for your Wonkette? They get hired to write for other things! Joining recent “used to write for Wonkette but just got better gigs” people Juli Weiner and Dave Weigel is our young friend Garrett Quinn, who is now an official blogger […]

THEY HAD A DREAM  2:21 pm February 22, 2010

Final Sexy CPAC Pictures!

by Ken Layne

Good to see the Russian chapter of NAMBLA made it out for the big GOP conference.

Official Wonkette CPAC spy Garrett Quinn took this cell-phone picture of a very handsome and distinguished plaid blazer, probably bought in 1979 at the Sears men’s sale. Oh, and what’s on this lovely sportscoat? A political firebomb, that’s what! Dick Cheney –the chuckling horror sack who designed and directed the moral, financial and military bankruptcy […]

Wonkette’s annual CPAC attendee friend Garrett Quinn, who is insane for still going to these things but great for sending us the laffs, has delivered the first batch of terrifying furry photos from Day One. They depict an astroturfing eagle and a monstrous grey squid-elephant walrus fetus that isn’t Dick Armey. (Maybe.) Six demerits to […]

Look at this magical furry version of Ron Paul at the Boston teabagging parade! Listen to this incredible live radio Tea Party while you browse the Internets! Wow wow wow! Photo by Garrett M. Quinn.

Holy wow, what is this insane microtarded homunculus parading through the streets of Boston with an inflatable Elmo? Why it’s our president, of course, in tighty whities, protesting the very taxes he will raise, someday, on our nation’s elites! This is the most frightening photograph Wonkette Beantown Operative Garrett Quinn has ever sent us.

We met our Boston buddy Garrett Quinn at the Republican convention in St. Paul last summer — he was a Ron Paul delegate, for reals! But politics could not get in the way of our mutual love of Guinness and Jameson, which is why young master Quinn is covering CPAC for your Wonkette! We’ve just […]