Between the tantrum-throwing and secret Ben Affleck movie viewings, it appears that this debt debate has officially caused everyone in Washington to go completely insane! Or at least more insane than usual. Exhibit A: Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas is having very detailed panic dreams about a made-up basketball game between himself and President […]

Usually as we’re going through our “All New Items” tab on Google Reader and come to a batch of HuffPo articles, we scroll down as fast as possible for about 10 seconds while closing our eyes and clutching our loved ones, hoping that afterwards we may have finally broken through the hurling asteroid cluster of […]

Before the dawn of the Internet, people used to waste time the old-fashioned way: by playing solitaire on their shitty Windows 3.1 machines. Then Doom and Quake and The Sims and Spore came along, and time-wasting evolved into a very sophisticated and complicated activity that required thousands of dollars of expensive electronics to perform correctly. […]

You people are very on top of things, aren’t you? You say, “Ha ha it would be funny to have a game like the EcoDriving USA game, only with throwing shoes at George W. Bush,” and voila, here it is! You win if you get to 10 points before you have a seizure. [blogslut]

MUSH! MUSH!  2:28 pm December 5, 2008

by Jim Newell

POWER LINE THINKS IT CAN MESS WITH US: The loser mcloseralots at Power Line have urged their readers to play the car game constantly: “Here’s the thing: so far, Power Line readers are doing very poorly compared to some other sites. Wonkette, actually, is in the lead, and they’re crowing about it, although they also […]

TIME-WASTERS  1:06 pm December 4, 2008

by Ken Layne

NONE OF YOU PEOPLE DO ACTUAL WORK, DO YOU? Click the little picture here and you will see something remarkable: More than 500 of you nuts are playing this little EcoDriving game widget deal, and you’ve accumulated nearly 15 million points. The closest competition doesn’t even have a half-million points, while losers who read Talking […]

The McCain website has this fantastic new feature in which you design your own “Joe the Plumber” anger bear sign, about taxes. As the example above demonstrates, however, there is high potential for CHILDISH ABUSE with this thing, and so far we’ve submitted nine different signs that the website *promised* to e-mail to us, and […]

Whew, that was close. Goofy old national joke John “Walnuts!” McCain had threatened to skip tonight’s debate unless he, uh, solved the Financial Crisis. Luckily for us, the 500-year-old clown can’t “keep his word” for more than a few minutes, so of course he’ll be at the debate tonight, unless he changes his mind again, […]