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There’s a new book out about the 2012 election that made Barack Obama dictator for life (again) and exiled Mitt Romney to the wolf-stalked beaches of Southern California. It’s called “Double Down,” probably after the KFC bacon and cheese and two hunks of fried chicken instead of bread sandwich, because like the sandwich it appeals […]

So did you all like Game Change? Well Sen. John McCain simply did not care for it, despite having not seen it, from what he heard! Speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, he reiterated the cold FACT that half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin was the best-qualified candidate for vice president on his team […]

Tonight: HBO is debuting its Hollywood motion picture about how John McCain waddled over to the Google machine sometime in the summer of 2008 to find a “hot political babe” to run the country after he croaked during his first 10 minutes as president. He settled on an Alaskan lady who shot guns, which was […]

Your Wonkette woke up at 3 a.m. this morning and has been refreshing CNN’s Situation Room blog every 9 seconds without interruption since, longing for that glorious moment of release when the page would load and there, sitting atop the earlier, lesser posts, would be a fresh new entry to BLITZER’S BLOG offering Wolf Blitzer’s […]

John Thune is thinking about running for president. Of course he is. But no, really, he actually admits he is! That is not allowed. Every potential presidential candidate is supposed to be coy. Anything else should be illegal and punishable by death. Still, he isn’t sure if he will run. “It’s a different scenario maybe […]

Our dearly departed Juli Weiner sends this New York street scene of a newsstand that doesn’t show nearly enough respect to TIME magazine’s “The Note” blog-to-book, Game Change. Come on, can’t we put this important work somewhere better than, say, next to the pimp/old man cigars? Shouldn’t it be on a pedestal of sorts? Maybe […]

SOME DEAD POETS SOCIETY SHIT  1:56 pm January 23, 2010

by Juli Weiner

A PARAPHRASE OF HIS 2006 COLUMBIA COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS, PROBABLY: “How many fucking times do I have to go to fucking New York this week? How many fucking times can you fucking graduate from fucking Columbia?” – John McCain, biological father of Meg McCabe, Columbia ’07/Twitter ’10. (Game Change, p. 238.) In lumine Tipster “Dave P.” […]

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said a brave “the fuck I care” to his friends, Some Republicans, who are demanding that McConnell order Mark Halperin’s PR rep. Harry Reid to step down as Senate Majority Leader. “‘I think that is an issue for the Democratic conference,’ McConnell said at morning press conference at the Capitol. […]