You know what is even less popular than interracial marriage? Congress, what because of how they suck times a million. But America continues to hold them in lower and lower regard, according to a new Gallup poll. How bad it is? Oh, how about NINE PERCENT, SINGLE DIGITS, BABY! Whoever had 11/12/13 in the office […]

One of the most hilarious sideshows of the great SHUTDOWNGHAZI!!!11!! has been the sight of Republicans tripping over their own dicks to spin some very unfavorable poll numbers in favorable ways. Yesterday it was pre-ferment sourdough starter Erick Erickson dropping some phat derp about how poll numbers showing the GOP was not getting stomped like […]

You see that picture up there, with the jaggedy lines? It’s a “graph,” and it shows that 28% of Americans have a favorable view of the Republican Party, according to Gallup. Maybe you think that’s pretty good, considering that the Republican party can barely hide their contempt for most of America, and also that they’re wrong […]

You know how everyone pretty much hates Congress? True story! A PPP poll in January found Congress less popular than root canals, head lice, cockroaches, and, worst of all, Nickelback. Maybe it is because this particular Congress is on track to be the laziest sack of Congress EVAH! Maybe it is because when Congress does […]

Here’s a poll from Gallup that nicely encapsulates why the Republican party is so screwed: Among Republicans, Paul Ryan is the top choice out of five prospective candidates to lose the presidency to Hillary in 2016 (the others were, in order, Rubio, that amateur dentist fellow, a known Canadian anchor baby, and Chris Christie), but […]

Look, Democrats have a lot going for them right now. There’s our “flashy” President B. Barry Bamz and his healthcare law that can’t possibly be as bad as Republicans have spent the last half a decade derping that it will be, so expectations managed there; the country’s suddenly a lot cooler with gay folks, pot […]

One of the “fun” things about presidential elections is that every four years there’s a new dumb thing about the process for political junkies to yell at each other about despite the disinterest or genuine disgust of normals, and this year it’s polling! Did Nate Silver’s devil-math suck all the fun out of democracy, forever? […]

Sexboat toe goblin Dick Morris has some thoughts on the typically thuggish Chicago regime, and how they “Rough Up Gallup for Polls They Don’t Like.” Get ready you guys, because it is terrifying! In a scene right out of a typical authoritarian regime, Fox News reports that “employees at the venerable Gallup polling firm suggested […]

Fun news for chart nerds! Gallup has once again released its annual poll illustrating how much Americans hate abortion by saying it should be legal in all or certain cases. That’s right, “pro-choicers” are at a “record low” of only 41 percent of respondents who want to kill children. Except for the 77 percent of […]

Ha ha, here is a fun new study that proves everybody would basically like to trade the 2012 presidential election for, say, a massive asteroid strike: Gallup asked voters how jazzed they were for the Obama-Not Romney campaign year, and people basically started weeping and vomiting, simultaneously, into their phones. “Given a choice, 70% of […]

A shocking new Gallup poll proves that 81% of Americans — an all-time record — are against the American Government, while 82% are against Congress specifically. And 49% of Americans believe the U.S. Government is “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” But to read POLITICO, you’d think we’re just in […]

Gallup apparently asks Americans which man and woman they “most admire” every year. In other words, the current president and Hillary Clinton, the most important-sounding people. But the breakdown is interesting: Most admired man: 1. Barack Obama 2. George W. Bush 3. Bill Clinton 4. Nelson Mandela 5. Bill Gates 6. (tied) Pope Benedict XVI […]

There has long been a lot of pessimism over Social Security. Those good-for-nothing Baby Boomers are going to bankrupt the system, just like they did to Lehman Brothers and Groovy Acid-Tripping, Inc. back in the day. But something came out today: Gallup took a poll and quantified that pessimism. It turns out 6 out of […]

Gallup wanted to find out how the Gulf’s ecosystem will react to the oil spill, so they decided to ask the experts, the American public. And according to poll results released today, American women think beaches and animals in the region will be profoundly affected by the oil spill, whereas American men know that stuff […]

ROBERT GIBBS IS SO FUCKING MEAN: “‘If I was a heart patient and Gallup was my EKG, I’d visit my doctor,’ Gibbs told reporters in his morning gaggle. Gibbs said the swing in the poll could be duplicated by a ‘six-year-old with a crayon’ and said he doesn’t put a lot of stake in the […]