So here we are, not quite to the end of the first month of Election Year 2014, and already some of the fine crop of fringe candidates have been felled or gravely sent to the Mockatorium by their own stoopid mouths. Let’s take a quick look at some of the folks who have either dropped […]

Here is a Romney press secretary telling the shouty press corps assembled at the Polish Tomb of the Unknown to “shove it” and “kiss [his] ass” and “show some respect.” THEY ARE AT A HOLY SITE! (Actually, reporters, dude’s kind of got a point about that one.) They’re so cute, though! GOVERNOR ROMNEY! WHAT ABOUT […]

Oh Mitt Romney, please stop making us feel sorry for you. You go to Yurp so you can be a Celebrity Rock Star like Obama was in 2008, and “project leadership,” and everywhere you go, you make people hate you. What jerk thing came out of your mouth this time? Oh, just that London was […]

God and your editrix love them some Old Handsome Joe Biden. Such cheer, such kindness, such fool things falling from his real purty mouth. Well good news for us, fellows, as the crack team at HuffPo has discovered secret plans to unearth the World’s Sexiest Grandpa from Dick Cheney’s Lair and send him across the […]

Four East Haven, Connecticut police officers were recently arrested by the FBI for unlawful abuse and search of some of the city’s Latino residents, but Mayor Joe Maturo’s immediate response to the arrests was so heinous as to suggest that maybe the officers had been told to be racist and abusive by a racist and […]

Rick Santorum, down in South Carolina with the rest of the troupe, decided Thursday afternoon to lump Mitt Romney’s proposed policies in with President Obama, further confusing the capitalism debate to the point that it now sounds like an LSAT question with no real answer. In the process, he, albeit not necessarily consciously, decided to […]

Remember how Rick Perry used to be able to list a whole two things in a sentence before his mind started collapsing in on itself like a black hole vacuuming up stray brain matter? Right, that’s still happening, but the gravitational pull of his own stupidity appears to be growing according to new observations made […]

You know, something tells us this is not the way President Obama wanted to announce it, but according to some comments Joe Biden blurted out at the end of an interview with the New York Times, he and Barry are running for re-election! So, we guess, the 2012 presidential election has already more than begun, […]

WHAT IS HE SAYING?! SPEAK AMERICAN, BLACK MAN. Yes, Michael Steele has made another major boo-boo today, telling Univision that Arizona’s immigration law is “not a reflection of an entire political party.” WHAT? ALL REPUBLICANS MUST ADHERE TO PARTY ORTHODOXY, AND THAT ORTHODOXY SHALL BE DICTATED BY THE MOST EXTEME AND HATEFUL AND LOUDEST. Michael […]

“Where’s the ice cream?” “It’s CUSTARD!” Uggh. Joe Biden went to a frozen dairy purveyor in Wisconsin this weekend, and when he asked how much he owed for this photo op custard stuff, some guy in a stupid hat spit out some dumb quip about taxes. So Joe Biden said a swear so that everyone […]

A LIFE ON VIDEO  12:28 pm March 24, 2010

by Ken Layne

ALL OF JOE BIDEN’S GAFFES, TOGETHER! Everyone is rushing out to buy the gold box DVD collection of Joe Biden’s Famous Gaffes, what with all the money they saved on health insurance, but you can just click a link on the Internet and watch it right now. [Gawker TV]

Wacky Joe Biden, who will you hurt with jokes now?

Here we have a pretty normal news analysis of Joe Biden: he’s described as frank but endearing, a clown but a statesman, maybe less visible than other Obama staffers but nonetheless a valued member of the team, etc etc… SNOOZE. But! “Aides said he might go for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. He would […]

Well, this is rather confusing news! Apparently at that Gridiron Club dinner, the one where President Obama “pulled a Cleveland” and didn’t show up, Joe Biden blabbed some thing to his dining companions that he should not have blabbed. Unbelievable, no?

Barack Obama has had enough of this Joe Biden and his Gaffes about how we will all die if we go indoors, so he’s just cold exilin’ that dingbat to Hell in a couple of weeks: “WASHINGTON (CNN) – Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo in Southeastern Europe the […]