gabrielle giffords

Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords threw out the first pitch for a charity softball game in Washington DC yesterday, and also taunted rapper 50 Cent on Twitter for the hell of it. Looks like someone is back on her game.

Gabby Giffords is bullying the United States Senate, again. Senators say they fear the N.R.A. and the gun lobby. But I think that fear must be nothing compared to the fear the first graders in Sandy Hook Elementary School felt as their lives ended in a hail of bullets. The fear that those children who […]

It occurred to us that we have not followed up on some very important electoral news: Namely, the fate of several candidates who nobody had ever heard of until they briefly shone in the “weird news” column, and then disappeared from view. What happened to those wackos with all their wackiness? Let it never be […]

Arizona appears to be ahead in the race to the bottom of the electoral-competence barrel, yay! Nearly a week after the election, hundreds of thousands of votes were still waiting to be tallied. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the mess appears to be at least in part a result of the state’s efforts […]

John Boehner probably broke down in sobs the last time he realized his spam filter was accidentally eating up all his favorite tanning salon offers from Groupon, but he sure as hell couldn’t be bothered to share a single one of his tears with Gabrielle Giffords while she recovered in Texas: [Giffords's husband] Mark Kelly […]

Arizona’s paranoid racist teabagger trolls will usually only crawl out of their fallout shelters on the rumor of a good illegal alien desert hunt, but a cool murder weapon giveaway always comes in a close second. The Pima County GOP knows this about their insane constituents, so they are selling raffle tickets to win a Glock […]

Touchy maggot sack Jonah Goldberg got into “one of his moods” today and typed a column entitled “To Hell With You People” over in his Corner, because he is incredibly sick to his stomach that the vicious liberal media did not bother to crucify and poop on Joe Biden’s corpse for saying something dumb and […]

America’s collective sigh of disgust was interrupted during the House vote on the debt ceiling bill (it passed 269-161) last night when Congresswoman Gabby Giffords made her first appearance back in Congress since being shot through the head in January. It is excellent to see Giffords waving to the chamber’s wild applause as she casts […]

Is Rep. Gabrielle Giffords about to be recalled for not showing up for work, because she was shot and nearly killed when she did show up to work, on a weekend in Tucson? No, she probably won’t be recalled. Only 165 people have signed the online petition so far, and even a few of them […]

Uh oh, you guys, a Republican presidential candidate Said a Thing Yesterday, and considering there was no higher profile candidate to trump (PUN?!) his thing, Newt Gingrich is your official Monday morning Guy Who Said a Thing Yesterday. On Meet the Press (which confirms that this happened Sunday, because if it’s Sunday), criticized the Republican […]

Arizona finally made it official: It married a gun. Jan Brewer signed the infamous bill naming the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the state’s official gun yesterday. Congratulations! We’re so happy for you crazy kids (and we mean crazy). It was surely a beautiful ceremony attended by many and their guns, and although Arizona is […]

Here’s a disgusting little “BREAKING” press release we just got: “Hey guys – Wanted to make sure you saw these first pictures of Gabrielle Giffords since the tragic shooting. Please link back to story and video below if you use.” We sure will, ABC News! Wow, you really tricked that congresswoman who got shot through […]

BREAKING: GOOD THINGS DO HAPPEN IN THE WORLD FROM TIME TO TIME “I’m told there is nothing that equals the rumble of the earth when this giant manmade force lifts off,” said C. J. Karamargin, the congresswoman’s spokesman, who will also be at the launching. “For the congresswoman to attend is another milestone in her […]

So much for that new civility. [Daily Intel] UPDATE: The correction, which is somehow even worse:

Representative Gabrielle Giffords is likely to take a break from her rehabilitation next month to see off her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly, personally during the launching of his shuttle, aides said Thursday. Hooray! The Arizona congresswoman has not been seen in public since Jan. 8 Give her a break, New York Times! It’s pretty understandable! […]